How to make tiny sandwiches canapes?

word "tapas" incorporates a variety of culinary dishes that can be served as an appetizer or dessert.All of them are decorative overlay products (base spread garnish) small size, which can be eaten in one bite.

name translates from the French as a sofa that is the analogy: as the people sitting on the couch, and a side dish "sitting" on the bread.Canape earlier filed during the cocktail, so they were salty or spicy to encourage guests to drink more.

base for canapés can be crackers, small pieces of bread (usually stale white bread), toast or baked puff pastry.The base is cut into thin slices of different shapes.This may be circles, rings, squares, triangles, and so on.Complement the tasty food: meat, cheese, fish, caviar, foie gras, mashed potatoes, and canned or fresh fruit and vegetables.Slices of bread may be subjected to pre-heat treatment.The most common are tiny sandwiches - canapes cheese, sausage, complemented by finely sliced ​​vegetables, green onions and herbs or olive (or truffle) oil.

Recipe 1

In this recipe, toasted bread slices serve as a basis for canapes.Cheese, sausage part of the garnish.Ingredients:

- 250 g Polish sausage (it can be replaced by another sausage),

- ¼ cup chopped green onions,

- 450 grams of tomato paste,

- 1 tablespoon dining finely chopped hot chili peppers,

-½ spoon teaspoon crushed dried oregano,

- 8 toasted slices (1 cm thick) French bread,

- parmesan cheese, rubbed with coarse,

- 250 grams of cheese, Monterey Jack (you can replace it with cheddar cheese), slicedthin plastic largest base,

- ¼ teaspoon salt spoons.

sausage cleaned, cut into cubes and fry until golden brown (the resulting liquid is poured).Add the onion to the pan, stir fry until it becomes soft, but not browned.Add the tomato paste, chili, oregano, salt.A mixture for a few minutes.Expanding it to the pre-sliced ​​toasted bread, generously sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese.Passed on to the baking sheet and bake in the oven at high heat for three minutes.Take, give a little cool, cut each slice into quarters and close slices of cheese Monterey Jack that he does not melt.Ready canapes, cheese, sausages which are saturated with spicy tomato flavor and spices, served to the table.

Recipe 2

English mustard will add poignancy canapes with sausage.Ngredienty need the following:

- 6 slices of bread,

- English mustard,

- 6 slices of sausage,

- 100 g grated Cheddar cheese,

- butter (optional).

fry in butter the bread and cut each slice into four parts.All the pieces of sausage and cut into four pieces.Preheat the grill in the oven.Slices of bread smeared with mustard and spread on their sausage, sprinkled with grated cheese.Place under the grill settee for a few minutes.Immediately served to the table ready to eat tapas.Cheese, sausage on each will be a golden crust with bubbles.

Recipe 3

Lightweight and easy snack for guests - a canape with feta cheese!Necessary ingredients:

- 2 French baguette (more suitable crusty bread) cut into slices about 5 mm thick;

- 450 g feta cheese thinly sliced;

- 8 tomatoes thinly sliced;

- 1 onion thinly sliced ​​red onions;

- 2 tablespoons tablespoons olive oil;

- 24 basil leaves.

fried in butter baguette slices until golden brown.On each slice layers spread feta cheese, tomatoes, red onion, then sprinkle with olive oil.Served with fresh basil leaves.

Recipe 4

very simple recipe requires only two ingredients.Bread for this recipe does not need: the base is the cheese and garnish - grapes.Quickly you can make such a canape with Roquefort cheese and grape.For this purpose the cheese was cut into cubes (in size they must be commensurate berries).On the cube put a grape.Each piece of cheese and berries strung on skewers and served with red wine.

Enjoy your meal with canapes!