Learn how to respond to rudeness

None of us can not fully insure against rudeness.Such unpleasant situations can happen to us in any, the most unexpected place.How to recognize a man and how to be able to resist him?After louts can severely humiliate his interlocutor.Most of them comes aggression, which is accompanied by a smile.Today, one can often hear rudeness sellers in stores.In this situation, educated person feels uncomfortable.But the abuser happy, as did it.

reasons rudeness


Quite often people are not offended by the evil: the seller who is tired to the end of the day, the client, who upset the situation, a colleague who was brought to despair.All this leads to what is shown on the rudeness.Many people, unwittingly showing rudeness begin to feel guilty.But if they were told exactly the same way, they begin to think that their behavior is correct.


Many do so, wishing to assert themselves.They humiliate someone, while they themselves extolled above them.Often, the victim does not know how to respond to rudeness, and just afraid of their abuser.Typically, such people have little power over someone and tear them away with their evil.

desire to be seen

Such behavior is often the result of an unhappy childhood.For the baby it is important to parents' attention and love.If not, he's trying to be rude, she starts to misbehave, to be noticed, and finally showed some feelings.This behavior brings people into adulthood.

not take all at his own expense

His curses Ham describes the world around us.That's how he perceives it.You agree that such a person is sympathy.He is quite difficult to live in society.Therefore it is not worth all the words to try on and even more painful to respond to them.

Five ways how to respond to rudeness

Keep control over the situation

not lose in this situation.If the boss is rude, do not think that you are a slave and must obey all over his head and suffer all his antics.Everyone is entitled to a respectful attitude, and therefore requires it.

aware of their rights

If you do not know how to react to rudeness in public places at once, contact the administration.Learn the offender personal information, ask for the complaint book.It did not help?Contact the Society for Consumer Protection.Qualified lawyers are sure to help you.

Engage the imagination

Imagine that your abuser is behind the glass, and you absolutely do not hear it.If you think about how to respond to rudeness on his part, he would continue to hurt you, but if not, it becomes virtually invulnerable.


Try to understand why people behave in this way towards you.Ask him about why he humiliates you what he wants to achieve this.Perhaps people will perceive you differently.

own fear of the words that fly in your address, you can learn a lot about their own weaknesses.After all, you feel uneasy when the offender gets right on target.When he saw your reaction to his words, then it recovers from you to the fullest.Do not forget that Hammami often are inadequate people, so their reaction might be different.