How to learn to speak correctly and beautifully

Man differs from animals primarily the ability to intelligently and smoothly present their explanations and ideas in speech form.We are all human, and the people depends on the level of his being.The more civilized people than the more educated and erudite man, the richer will be the language.We all live in a society speaking.If a person does not have any congenital abnormalities, it is already about two years old, almost all children begin more or less clearly express their thoughts.Naturally, with age it becomes more beautiful, more intelligent.However, this does not mean that in this direction does not need to apply a certain force, and that will "self."This is not so.Many adults experience problems with communication and communication, and often they ask themselves about how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully.But this seems to be a complex issue, it is possible to find plausible and sensible response.

So how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully?For a man who has the desire, nothing is impossible.On the question of how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully, the first thing to be said about the voice.Scientists have proved that the most pleasing to the nerve cents responsible for perception of sounds, a low tone of voice.However, we must take into account the caveat that the deep voice of a man differs markedly from the low woman.Yet, squeaking and squealing perceived negatively and cause irritation to the hearing aid.It can be concluded that for a pleasant and persuasive communication is better to speak in lower tones.

Further, for an intelligent answer to the complicated question posed above about how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully, it must be said about the basic errors that need to be radically changed.You can give an example.At the business meeting an opponent who has a certain talent and eloquent speaker, and undoubtedly will assess your ability to carry on a conversation.Therefore it is necessary to try to completely eradicate the annoying word-parasites ("it", "Well", "how to", "in general", "pancake" and so on, and so forth).Try to avoid long pauses, stops inappropriate to observe the connection of speech (end time, case, etc.).

the question of how to learn to speak, stress plays a big impact.Fright, incompetence in the subject, personal problems - all this has a negative effect on the beauty of speech.How to learn to speak correctly and beautifully?As in any business, you need training.They are divided into natural and artificial.Natural exercise - a daily conscious communication.Artificial training - is to increase the time of communication have artificially.Work on his speech in front of a mirror imitation of speakers or the speakers, increase vocabulary and work on stress tolerance.

So how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully?As it turns out, there's nothing complicated.We just need the desire and effort.Train Vocabulary, work on culture and speech quality, enrich their terminological apparatus of books, articles, movies.