How to prepare language multivarka?

Very tasty delicacy dish - boiled tongue - can be prepared in multivarka.This will ensure the preservation of taste and nutrients, it makes the meat more tender.Boiled tongue - one of the most popular snacks.In addition, it is often used for the preparation of tasty and interesting salads.Prepare language multivarka a snap.This will require a carrot, onion, spices (bay leaf, pepper), salt, and a certain amount of time you spend on the creation of our dishes.No effort to prepare language multivarka is not required - it is cooked, and you take care of business.All you need a minimum of attention.

We cook beef tongue in multivarka, t. To. The most often used his name.With regard to pigs, the preparation thereof does not differ from the above recipe, the only difference in time - it will be less (in accordance with the size of the product).

Before preparing meals language should be thoroughly rinsed under running water, a knife scrape the dirt and slime.The best solution is to soak it in cold water for 30 minutes, and only after that, rinsed under running, start cooking.

Then put in a bowl of prepared product unit and fill it with water.It set the number of self - language multivarka must be completely covered by it.There also put peeled but whole carrots and onions, necessary to give our respective delicacy of taste and aroma.Close the lid and set the mode Multivarki "quenching", the cooking time - from 2 to 3.5 hours, again depending on the size of the language.After a 2:00 is necessary to check the readiness of dishes in his soft, piercing knife.If you are preparing language multivarka "Panasonic", you can use a very convenient universal mode "Express", which takes less time to cook.

Salt and seasoning just better not to add.The most tender and tasty tongue out, if you add spices (pepper, bay leaves), about an hour after the start of cooking.A salt is better for 15 minutes before the end.

give a more interesting taste and flavor of the language, you can use anything else that spices other than the standard pepper and bay leaf.For example, add the garlic and parsley root, say, or celery.At the same time, once again, the original taste of food will be different from the usual, classical.All additives for everybody.

After the beep sounds, notify the end of cooking, language multivarka ready.Remove it from the broth and put in cold water for two minutes.After that, the skin, from which the language must be clear, will derogate easier.Separate the fine tip and clean it completely until the dish is still warm.

Now your final dish is ready.It can be used in both hot and cold.To use the language as a ready-made snacks or hot meals cut into thin slices on the type of sausage slicing.Serve with horseradish, garlic or mustard.