Love poetry of Mayakovsky.

There are poets who seemed open to love, and all their work is literally permeated with this wonderful feeling.This Pushkin, Akhmatova, Blok, Tsvetaeva and many others.And there are those who are difficult to love.In the first place comes to mind Vladimir Mayakovsky.Poems about love in his work, at first glance, appear to be completely irrelevant, since it is usually perceived as a singer of the revolution.Is it, try to find out more carefully looked closer to the poet.

Mayakovsky - the beginning of a creative way of the poet

homeland - Georgia.My parents came from a noble family, although my father served a simple forester.The sudden death of a family breadwinner makes the move to Moscow.There Mayakovsky went to school, but two years later was expelled for non-payment of training, and engaged in revolutionary activities.Several times he was arrested and spent almost a year in a cell Butyrskaya.This happened in 1909.For the first time, he began to try to write poetry, it is terrible, he said.However, it is this year Mayakovsky, love poems, poems and famous poems which were still to come, considered the start of his poetic career.

poet revolution

is not to say that the work of Vladimir Mayakovsky was completely devoted to the revolution.All is not so simple.Poet unconditionally accepted it was an active participant in the events, and many of his works were indeed dedicated to the October Revolution.He practically worshiped her, believed in the ideals that she was carrying, and protected.Sure, he was the mouthpiece of the revolution, and his poems - peculiar agitation.

Love life Mayakovsky

deep emotion inherent in all creative types.I was no exception, and Vladimir Mayakovsky.The theme of love runs through all his work.Externally rough, actually the poet was very vulnerable person, a hero rather lyrical.And love in the life and work of Mayakovsky is not the last place.He is a soul, able to instantly fall in love, not in the short term, and for a long time.But the poet had no luck in love.All relationships end tragically, and the last love of his life has led to suicide.

Destinations love poetry of Mayakovsky

in the poet's life were four women he loved unconditionally strongly.Love poetry of Mayakovsky associated primarily with them.Who are they, the muse of the poet, which he dedicated his poems?

Maria Denisova - the first with whom connected love poetry of Mayakovsky.He fell in love with her in Odessa in 1914, and devoted girl poem "A Cloud in Trousers."It was unrequited love, and the first strong sense of the poet.Therefore, such a poem turned achingly honest.It's a real scream lover, who a few agonizing hours waiting for his girlfriend, but she only comes to announce that marries a man secured.

Tatyana A. Yakovlev.With it, the poet met in October 1928 in Paris.The meeting ended in an instant love each other.Young immigrant and high, under two meters tall Mayakovsky, were the perfect couple.He dedicated two of his poems - "Letter to Comrade Kostrov ..." and "Letter to Tatiana Yakovleva".

In December, the poet went to Moscow, but in February of 1929 returns to France.His feelings for Yakovleva were so strong and serious, that he had proposed to her, but did not get a refusal or consent.

relationship with Tatiana ended tragically.Planning to come back in the fall, Mayakovsky could not do it because of some visa problems.Besides, he suddenly discovers that his love goes to Paris to marry.The poet was so shocked by the news that said that if you do not see Tatiana, then shot himself.

Then again began the search of the only faithful love.The poet began to seek solace in other women.

Last Love Mayakovsky

Veronica Vitoldovna Polonskaya - actress.With her Mayakovsky met in 1929 through Osip Brik.This was done by chance, in the hope that the charming girl, and divert interest from the poet's tragic events connected with Yakovlev.The calculation was correct.Mayakovsky seriously interested Polonskaya, so that began to demand from her break-up with her husband.And she, loving poet, could not start a conversation with her husband, knowing what a blow it would be for him.Both husband Polonskaya until the end believed in loyalty to his wife.

It was a painful love for both.Mayakovsky every day more and more nervous, and she delayed the explanation with her husband.April 14, 1930, they saw the last time.Polonskaya argues that talk about breaking was not, therefore once again asked her to leave her husband and leave the theater.A minute later, after his retirement, when he was on the stairs, she heard a shot Polonskaya.Back at the apartment of the poet, she found him dying.Thus it ended tragically last love and the life of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

complex relationship: Lilya Brik

This woman, without exaggeration, is the ideal heart of a poet.It is - it is the strongest and "sick" love.Almost all the love poems of Mayakovsky after 1915 is dedicated to her.

meeting with her took place a year after the break with Denisov.Mayakovsky was first attracted younger sister Lily, and it took at the first meeting of his beloved governess.Later, the official introduction Lily and Osip Brik, a poet.They were amazed at his poems, and he instantly fell in love with an unusual woman.

Their relationship was strange and incomprehensible to others.Lily's husband had a relationship on the side, and felt no physical attraction to his wife, but in his own very fond of her.Lily also loved her husband, and when she once asked whom she still would have chosen - Mayakovsky and Brik, she said, without hesitation, replied that her husband.But so it was extremely expensive.These strange relationship lasted 15 years, until the death of Mayakovsky.

features love lyrics Mayakovsky

love for the poet - one of the greatest feelings in the world.He believed that the foundation, the heart of everything.If it stops - the body will die.So without love man can not feel truly alive.Love poetry of Mayakovsky especially those that the poet refused to believe this sense of fragility.He loves devotedly and wants to tell the world about it, share your thoughts and prezhivaniyami.Yes, but it is interesting townsfolk.

most clearly visible features of lyric poet in his poem "Love" dedicated to Lilya Brik.

love for Mayakovsky - a deep personal experience, rather than preconceived opinion about it.Each person is inherent in that sense from birth, but ordinary people who are more valued in the life of comfort and wealth, quickly lose their love.It is they, in the words of the poet, "skukozhivaetsya."

peculiarity of love poetry of the poet is his belief that if a person loves someone, he has to fully follow the chosen one, always and everywhere to support, even if the loved one is wrong.According to Mayakovsky, love is unselfish, she is not afraid of falling out and away.

poet - a maximalist in everything, so his love knows no halftones.She knows no rest, and he writes about it in his last poem "Unfinished": "I believe ... I hope not forever come to me shameful prudence."

Poems about love

Love lyrics Mayakovsky presented a small number of poems.IEG each of them - a little piece of the poet's life, with its joys and sorrows, despair and pain."I love", "A Cloud in Trousers", "Some", "About this," "Letter to Tatiana Yakovleva", "Letter to Comrade Kostrov ...", "The Backbone Flute", "Lilichka!" - This is the short list of works by Vladimir Mayakovsky aboutlove.