How to cook chakhokhbili of chicken recipes and tips

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Many Caucasian cuisine are beautiful and sonorous name, and they taste, often spicy and memorable.The same can be said about chakhokhbili of chicken, the recipe of which requires special attention.I must say that in the original version prepared this dish of pheasant meat.Now, however, included in the recipe for the meat almost any bird, but more often take the chicken, as it is the most accessible and widespread.

try to prepare chakhokhbili of chickens.The recipe for this dish is not one.You can find a large number of options, with many housewives think that they are prepared correctly.In fact, the variation should be welcomed, because they allow you to do chakhokhbili taste richer.There are only two conditions that must be observed without fail: the cooking water is not used (for cleaning products) and fat.

So chakhokhbili preparation begins with the preparation of chicken.The carcass is washed, cleaned and chopped giblets from the a la carte pieces.Sometimes you can find on the shelves ready for chakhokhbili sets that can only unfreeze and begin cooking.Chicken fried in a pan without oil until golden brown.That it does not stick to the dishes, it is best to take care of this in advance and take the pan with Teflon coating.Tomatoes pour over boiling water, peel them with, they are cut into cubes and put to the meat.Their juice chicken languishing for about half an hour.Then comes the turn of onion, cut into rings, and added to the dish.Thus, chicken with vegetables languishing a few minutes, then add salt, herbs or seasoning ready.The result is a pretty sharp, but flavorful dish.In winter, not everyone has the opportunity to get fresh tomatoes, and they did not taste so rich, so the preparation of the chickens chakhokhbili recipe can contain tomato paste instead of fresh vegetables.

You can prepare this dish and the following recipe, while the carcass is replaced by chicken drumsticks.Meat fried in a pan.It is best if this is done without oil and fat, in the extreme case, it added very little.Onions is cleaned and finely chopped, put a chicken, a dish filled with a thick tomato paste, add a few spoonfuls of table wine, salt and spices.Too thick sauce is recommended to dissolve a small amount of broth.All extinguished under the lid closed on low heat for about an hour.Shortly before the end of rush here fresh or dried herbs (parsley, basil, coriander, and others).All the contents gently mixed and fed at the table.

If you want to make the Georgian chakhokhbili, recipe you can take next.Chicken carcasses cut into pieces a la carte (you can make them more or less - to taste).To make better use of cast-iron cooking utensils, a saucepan or frying pan with a thick bottom.It laid out the meat and fry on all sides until golden brown over medium heat.In a small amount of butter sauté chopped onion rings until soft, laid out in the chicken.Bulgarian pepper cut ring, while fried, also shifted to the skillet.The chicken with vegetables add peeled and sliced ​​tomatoes, poured white or red wine.All stewed over medium heat until the alcohol evaporates, and then the lid is closed and left for a minimum temperature for half an hour.After that, the dish is added chopped herbs, salt, spices, stewed it for about five minutes and remove from heat.You can submit chakhokhbili of chickens.

recipe for this dish, you can choose any, but always turns juicy, tender and spicy dish, which will help to diversify the menu.