How to remove Avast: practical tips

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According to the polls today, one of the most popular anti-virus products are the achievements of the Czech company Avast Software, - namely, its anti-virus program Avast.

why it is so popular among individual users?It's simple!Nobody likes to spread the extra money, and the free version of this anti-virus allows a sufficiently high level of protection of the system from almost all the most common types of viruses that can provide a danger to your computer software.

Many users are used to change the anti-virus software, believing that in this way they can best protect themselves from malicious files.But before remove Avast, I would advise a few times to think, having weighed all the pros and cons.Why is that?Let's try to understand.

The fact is that to date anti-virus program Avast favorably both by identical domestic and from Western software.First of all - efficiency and reliability, and, secondly, - free access to this resource.

This is only uninstalling it sometimes is really a problem, so the question of how to remove Avast, there in cyberspace with an enviable constancy.

It is at this point I would like to elaborate in his article that after a careful reading of any one else experience the following symptoms: "I can not uninstall Avast!What can we do? ".

Step by step instructions and the required list of recommendations:

  • We have already come to the conclusion that the experts do not recommend to uninstall the antivirus program, becauseIt is worthy to cope with its functions.True?However, from time to time it may be a situation where you just need to disable the antivirus.What for?Well, most of the need appears when the user needs to install on your computer certain software incorrectly identifies Avast virus.Of course, you can deactivate.It takes only a few seconds.But it can be done in the event that you are absolutely and unconditionally trust the installed components.In addition, remember disable any anti-virus program and at the same time remaining on the Internet, you are putting your computer at great risk.It is enough to type a widespread belief that a few minutes nothing happens - wrong and rather utopian.You just can not predict when it will happen a virus attack.This can happen at any moment!
  • To temporarily disable the program, you will need to first of all find a special character Avast.It is usually located near the system clock in the lower right corner of the screen, and a small icon of bright orange color with a pronounced and stylized letter "A" in the middle.Found?Click on it.Ready?Go to the next step.
  • context menu appears.It is necessary to select a special item called "screen control".Actually once I note that the word "screen" is understood all sorts of protective measures, which are directed against various kinds of cyber threats.This opens a submenu, in which you can specify the period for which it is desirable to disable the above screens.Minimum - 10 minutes maximum - forever, but in the latter case you have to eventually incorporate them yourself manually.
  • How to remove Avast completely if the need arises?It is also absolutely not difficult to do.You will need to just take advantage of the standard tools offered by Windows.Namely - to open the "Control Panel", then go to "Programs and Features".Found a symbol of the anti-virus program, feel free to press "Delete."
  • How to remove Avast, if familiar way to make it not happen?This usually happens in the case when the program is severely damaged.We'll have to use specially designed for that purpose utility called aswClear.