How to cook beans?

One friend of mine is a healthy way of life and eats only useful products.Every time he looked at her, I ask myself the same question: is really possible to live this way: no, fries, burgers and delicious cakes?It turns out that, in at least she did it.

One of the most useful products, my wise friend said Bean.It would seem that in this special representative legumes?But digging on the internet, I found a lot of interesting information, according to which my girlfriend - very clever.I'll tell you why.

bean contains a lot of useful and nutrients that allow the person eating only beans every day, to function properly, because the body will get everything you need.Agree, this fact makes the beans are very valuable.In cooking, it is used for a long time.

Many of us are skeptical about this representative of legumes, because few who can cook a tasty beans, and "musical-aromatic" properties of legumes are widely known.But it turns out, all of this - a consequence of improper preparation.After

said begs the following question: how to cook beans?

Indeed, how to cook it so that it is not only spoiled the taste of food, but also to preserve its beneficial components?

How to cook beans: bean selection and preparation process of preparation

  • not be mixed in cooking different types of beans, it does not improve the taste of food, but rather ruin it.In the world there are about 20 different bean types, each of which require different cooking times.
  • Before cooking the beans need to sort out, removing waste (husks, potochennuyu beans or parasites that had lost shape and form) and rinse with cold water.
  • representative Soak beans not only reduces the cooking time, but also contributes to the dissolution of oligosaccharides, which are responsible for gassing processes and difficulty digesting food.Ideally, the washed beans to soak for at least 8 hours (e.g., overnight) and then rinsed again.The ratio of water and beans to soak - 2 to 1.

How to cook beans: the cooking process, the cooking time

washed beans cover with water (per kilogram of beans will need two and a half liters of water), put on a plate andbring to a boil, after a quarter of an hour to drain the water.Rinse the beans and then pour it with water, put on fire.Once the water boils, the fire should make the minimum contents of the saucepan and cook for about two hours.The pan should be covered with a lid.

How to cook beans: the nuances

  • To the dish was more delicious when cooked, you can add a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • To prepare the beans better not to use tap water, and purified.
  • During cooking the contents of the pan does not need to interfere.
  • Cooked beans in a colander discarded.
  • salted bean dish at the end of cooking, but if you plan to prepare mashed beans, then after a vegetable puree will look.
  • Fresh frozen beans do not need to be defrosted, its frozen thrown into the water and cook.
  • undercooked beans can be dangerous for the body, so the end of the cooking process - not a fad, but a prerequisite!

There are times when you need to cook the beans and soak time not.As is clear from the above, the process of soaking shortens cooking time.How can that be, if time is running out as the beans cook quickly under time pressure?In this case, the cleaned and washed beans are placed in a pot and pour it in such a quantity of water until it lightly covered beans.When the water boils, you need to pour cold water - just enough to keep the water from boiling beans stopped.This process (add cold water and wait for it to boil again) should be repeated as long as the beans will not be ready.It is believed that this reduces the cooking process twice.This is the answer to the question of how to cook beans without soaking.