How to make a spear for fishing

Gaff - a piercing weapon for catching fish.It is a long, 2-2.5 meter pole with a tip.Tip - mnogozubets metal, a bit like a pitchfork, but much smaller.Number of teeth - from 3 to 12. The Gaff - is one of the oldest instruments, it came up around the same time with a spear.That is, for a few thousand years ago, people knew how to make a spear.

Fishing spear

With harpoons catch fish at night.Outfit fisherman further includes a flashlight with soft light and high boots-bog.Fishermen roam the shore or shallow water, and shine a flashlight.Season begins in August (in the autumn the water is cleaner and more transparent) and continues until the severe frosts.

primitive weapons

Our ancestors possessed the knowledge of how to make your own spear.As, however, and any other necessary thing for hunting or fishing.Making forts did not pose any problem: people took a long stick and a level primatyvali her some sharp stakes or bones.The same can be done today: to find a good comfortable pole to plane three or four pegs and fix them.

Even in ancient spear made of bamboo: one end of a bamboo stick split into several parts and rewind at the bottom of each, the teeth do not converge.Then each piece is sharpened, and all - ready weapon.

How to spear at home

Make it a weapon at home is not difficult.To start drawing a schematic sketch out forts: long smooth pole, for example, part of the bamboo rod, and the tip assembly.The tip consists of several parts: the flat metal strap, teeth and head.Planck select from scrap.The teeth of the spokes do or electrodes - sharpen them at one end and make them slightly jagged, but not too much.We need to fish just did not slipped, and large nicks can destroy it in pieces.The same applies to the number of teeth - they should not be much, and the distance between them should be not less than a few centimeters.Focus on the width of the strips.As an attachment you can use any piece of pipe suitable for the diameter of the stick.Then proceed to the assembly: welds the teeth on one side of plank and tube - to another.Skewer tip for pole and for insurance fasten a nail through the pre-drilled hole in the head.

At lessons of survival often show how to make a spear improvised extreme catches.Use this fork that tourists often take with them as part of the equipment.In order to make the spear, the long flat stick primatyvaetsya plug (if primotat knife, you get a spear).As fastening tape is used, electrical tape, but often just a piece of rope.You can donate a part of the shirt, because the prison can provide you with lunch or dinner.

Ostrog as a tool of fishing frequently condemned: the barbaric method of fishing, a lot of wounded game, a large number of fish caught, and so on. D. In fact it is the most honest way of fishing, just like in the days when a fisherman was quick and agile,or hungry.A wounded animal are in any method of fishing and fishing for the bait - is no exception.