Summary: "The Bronze Horseman" A.Pushkin

Summary "The Bronze Horseman" - the poem by Alexander Pushkin - allows us to understand how strong was the love of the poet to the city.This work has become a symbol of St. Petersburg and the poetic lines of the poem known to one of its residents.

Summary "The Bronze Horseman," Pushkin

Action begins with the symbolic picture: on the banks of the Neva Peter the Great stands and dreams that here in a few years will rise a new European city, it would be the capital of the Russian Empire.It takes a hundred years, and now this city - the creation of Peter - a symbol of Russia.Summary of the "Bronze Horseman" lets you know the story of the poem compressed, helping to plunge into the atmosphere of the fall of the city.The yard is November.The street is a young man named Eugene.He - a minor official who is afraid and shy of the nobles of his position.Eugene goes and dreams of a happy life, he thinks that missed his beloved Parasha, I had not seen for several days.This idea gives rise to calm the dreams of

family and happiness.A young man comes home and under the "sound" of these thoughts to sleep.The next day brings terrible news: in a terrible storm broke out, and severe flooding claimed the lives of many people.The natural force has spared no one: violent winds, fierce Neva - all frightened Eugene.He sits with his back to the "bronze idol."It is a monument to the Bronze Horseman.He notes that on the opposite bank, where she lived his favorite Paracha, no nothing.

headlong He goes there and finds that the elements did not spare his poor petty official, he sees that yesterday's dreams are not destined to come true.Eugene, not realizing that doing, not looking where are his legs, goes back to his "bronze idol."Bronze Horseman stands proudly at the Senate Square.It seems that here it is - the steadfastness of the Russian character, but you can not argue with nature ... The young man accuses Peter the Great in all their troubles, it puts him in reproach even the fact that he built this city, raised him up on the wild Neva.But here comes insight: a young man like waking up and looking with fear at the Bronze Horseman.He runs, runs his legs is not clear where, for some unknown reason.He hears a knock of hoofs and neighing of horses, he turns around and sees that "a bronze idol of" rushing him.

Summary (Bronze Horseman, by the way, this story is not only a name, but also a symbol of Peter the Great) helps to make a superficial analysis of the product.Then Eugene goes to work, goes home.He lives on the waterfront.But constantly passing by the monument, he takes off his hat, as if apologizing ...

Summary "The Bronze Horseman" - the story of Alexander Pushkin - helps to know the plot, to evaluate the sequence of actions.Despite the gloomy range of the events described, this work is symbolic for the city on the Neva.No wonder the line "Beauty, City of Peter ..." forever became the epigraph to the city.The work of Peter the Great and elevates the story with which poor Eugene could not accept ...