"Madame Bovary."

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the masterpieces of world literature include a huge number of works.Among them - Gustave Flaubert's novel, published in 1856, "Madame Bovary."The book was not just ekranizovana, but none kinotvorenie not able to convey all the thoughts, ideas and feelings that the author put into his brainchild.

«Madame Bovary."Summary of the novel

The narrative begins with his early years of Charles Bovary - one of the main characters of the work.He was clumsy and had a poor performance in many subjects.However, at the end of college, Charles was able to learn to be a doctor.He won a seat in a toast - a small town, which at the insistence of his mother found a wife (by the way, is much older than him) and tie the knot.

Once Charles had a chance to go to a neighboring village to inspect the farmer, broke his leg.There he first saw Emma Rouault.It was a young attractive girl is the complete opposite of his wife.Although fracture old Rouault was not dangerous, Charles continued to come to the farm - as if to inquire about the health of the patient, but in fact then to admire Emma.

One day the wife of Charles dies.Grieve month, he decided to ask the hand of Emma.She reread his life hundreds of romance novels and dreams of a bright feeling, of course, agreed.However, married, Emma realized that her family life was not destined to experience of what the author wrote so vividly of her favorite books - passion.

Soon, the young family moved to Yonville.At that time, Madame Bovary was pregnant.In Yonville she met with various people, but they all seemed to her terribly boring.But among them was that, at the sight of which her heart began to tremble: Leon Dupuis - a handsome young man with blond hair, a romantic, like Emma.

Soon Bovary was born in the family of a girl who was named Bertha.However, the mother did not care about the child, and most of the time baby spends a nurse, while Emma is constantly in the society of Leon.Their relationship was platonic: touching, romantic conversations and meaningful pause.However, it does not end there: shortly Leon left Yonville, went to Paris.Madame Bovary suffered terribly.

But soon their city was visited by Rodolphe Boulanger - handsome and confident man.Emma he noticed instantly and, unlike Charles and Leon, possessing great charm and ability to conquer the hearts of women, fascinated her.This time it was different: very soon they became lovers.Madame Bovary even determined to escape with his lover.However, her dreams did not come true: Rodolphe valued freedom, and Emma, ​​he had already begun to be considered a burden, why not find anything better than to leave Yonville, leaving her with a farewell note.

At this time, the woman experiences an inflammation of the brain, which lasted six weeks.Recovered, Emma behaved as if nothing had happened: become a model mother and housewife.But one day, during a visit to the opera, she again met Leon.Emotion flared with renewed vigor, and now Madame Bovary did not want to hold them back.They began to organize a meeting in Rouen hotel once a week.

So Emma and her husband continued to cheat and overspend, until it was discovered that their family is close to bankruptcy, but debts and they have nothing.Therefore, in deciding to commit suicide, a woman dies in terrible pain, swallowing arsenic.

So finished his novel Flaubert.Madame Bovary died, but what happened to Charles?Soon, unable to bear the blame on his grief, he died and he.Bert is now an orphan.