How to pull the chest all the means of struggle for beautiful shape!

difficult to find a woman who is completely satisfied with their figure.Most often the greatest concern the fair sex delivers the most visible and prominent part of the female body - the breast.The reasons for the discontent of the masses - asymmetry, small size, plain shape.Also popular among ladies of all ages the question of how to tighten the chest at home.

What's good for anything?

Most suffer the pride of every woman because of the abrupt changes in the weight of his mistress and the lack of proper support.Many ladies prefer to wear a bra only when leaving the house.But during the holidays, works on the farm and sports activities breast also needs support.You will never have to think about how to tighten the chest, if you take care of in a timely manner and support the selection of the correct clothes.Keep in mind that exercise should buy a special bra, and for rest and stay at home will suit soft support shirts.Want to have beautiful breasts - watch your posture.It is worth at least 2-3 times a week to do exercises for the muscles of the back and chest.

it possible to tighten the breast on their own, if it is strong enough drooped?

best ways to return to its former elasticity of the breast - massage and contrasting compresses.Once a week, you can arrange and douches, but this procedure will have to get used to.It packs a lot easier to do.Dampen a towel in one hot and the other cold water and alternately applying them to his chest.Do not forget to enjoy special makeup.Moisturizing creams and lotions will help to make the skin more elastic.Useful as massage ice cubes, it needs to be done in a circular motion separately for each breast.Try to protect the chest area from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.It is not recommended to sunbathe without a bra, even in the solarium, use protective equipment with a high factor.In order to tighten the chest at home regularly perform special exercises.To achieve the visual effect may be short-term, using special lifting bras - the push-up.

Plastic Surgery: radical method

If none of the home remedies you do not help answer the question of how to tighten the chest, is capable of a plastic surgeon.Operations of this type are carried out on individual indicators.Most often they are combined with a decrease or an increase in the breast.Depending on the desired result and the initial state at the time of surgery may be removed and the skin part of grease or implants inserted.Operations of this type are held today, often enough, but you need to understand all the risk.And before you decide on surgery, be sure to try to learn how to tighten the chest at home.Just tried all methods, and not getting the desired result, you should choose the most radical way to solve the existing problems.Pay particular attention is given to the choice of clinic and doctor.Remember, such a serious operation can not have a low cost.Be sure to compare prices in different health care settings and select the most reliable and customer feedback term work.