How to make a home project?

of a cozy country-house dream of many, but everyone sees it differently.Someone is a three-storey palace with ornate stucco on the walls, high ceilings, lined with expensive tiled path trimmed lawn, wrought-iron benches and a decorative lake just under the balcony.And someone seems small, cozy cottage with a minimalistic exterior and interior design, lush orchard.But in any case, the question arises of how to create a project at home, without spending too much money.


At first glance it may seem that the design house - very, very difficult task that much easier and more reliable to turn to a professional architect, who will offer you a project that meets your needs.On the one hand, it is certainly correct, but nothing prevents you try to move to the paper's own vision of the future house.Before to make the design of the house, armed with a clear vision of how to be a building.Today there are many programs designed specifically for the creation of drawings and plans used by architects, engineers and designers, but their development requires a lot of time and patience.You can try to sketch the building by hand on graph paper (it is much easier to choose the correct proportions) or try to master the ArchiCAD.It is a popular software architects, however, it is quite simple to use: using ready-made components (walls, doors, windows, stairs, etc.), You can easily "build" your house, and you will not have problems with how toproject to paint the house.There you can directly select the desired furniture and estimate its location.On the other hand, if you do not want to use the template windows, doors and furniture, and the dream of a totally unique design, you should try and draw the every detail manually.

The devil is in the details

It would be nice before you take up the drawings, ask the question "how to make the project at home" professional architect or even a person who is well versed in construction.First of all, before you start drawing your dream house, please note that you will be in the house if you do not live, then spend some time inside you have to feel comfortable;and the building as a whole and its separate room should be comfortable and functional.Also, if you are supporter of the dynamics of change and before the house to do a project, it is necessary to figure out how to make the building more suitable for potential alterations, thus reducing costs to a minimum.

Color solution

choice of colors - one of the most important design decisions.If you have planned a small building with a rather small room visually increase the space and will help to raise the ceiling light and vivid colors.However, you should not go too far: it is better to choose complex combinations of colors - so you will add refinement of the house, as well as bring a shade expensive.

issue price

before to do a project at home, evaluate your budget: what materials you can use for building, facing and create an interior?Even if the means you are not limited, to rush to buy the most expensive materials is not: particularly well-emphasize the high cost of some of the details are simple and inconspicuous materials.

for help pro

And, of course, even create your own design of the house, providing all colors and even mentally all the furniture apart in places, be sure to consult a professional.If you are confident in the design - the services of an architect can be ignored, but the advice of the designer go necessarily.Sculpted look he finds structurally weak and unsafe places in your home, advise to add or remove the desired (or unnecessary, respectively) elements, as well as an estimate of necessary materials.And, of course, do not forget that if you plan to start construction in the city, you'll need plenty of construction permits.