Universal benefits for the upbringing of her husband, a child or a puppy

you decided to get married?Or maybe you want to have a puppy?Or are you about to have a baby?Word soon in your house will be a new family member.And it is likely - they come together ...

Since you moved to the other as a feasible contribution to the common household may drag his little dog (dog nourished bachelor - is a solid horror).A baby is often born just a month before her marriage.

In any of these cases is useful to read the relevant literature.But do not hurry surrounded by cushioning volumes Spock (Bram, Carnegie, Freud), to understand the features of the psychology of a man child or a dog.

better to follow the advice of our universal benefits "caring mom."

Why do you baby?

First of all, reflect for a moment - what you needed all your kid?If the lop-eared (with protruding or pretty pink ears) you need me just because he "looks cool" ("damn rich," "a sweetie"), in a word, like "beat girlfriends" ("outdo former lover," "splurge shefini "), then it is best to start collecting a collection of spoons for caviar or bring into the house of rare cacti: So you painlessly satisfy their vanity and avoid disturbances, anxiety and heart troubles.

If you need a friend who would understand you, warmed by its warmth, safely move on to the next section of the manual.

Think like a dog!

All training (training) should be based on the principle of "Think of it!".

example, "manly".The principal difference between women and men is that we can analyze, plan a long-term view, and the man, though endowed with great strength and vigor, by its very nature can assimilate only simple things.

Unlike us, there is a subtle feeling with a highly psyche, only simple instincts make a man or a dog to seek food or partner.

simple example.My husband came home from work tired as the night tram, hungry as a wolf, and stressful as Russian-Polish border before Christmas.

Give him the most primitive: borscht and affection (both - hotter), and he satisfied his instincts -pogloscheniya cornerstones of food and sex - asleep with uterine rumbling without asking, how much is this a new hat, and why on your porchcar slid his boss ...

Some basic information

When you get a puppy (husband, baby), it should look like an active, healthy, well-fed and seem to tangle, full of life and wickedness.

healthy puppy (male child) - movable and whines.Most of the time he is sleeping, and playing with the rest of the bone (rattle, computer stocks cards).Eat your favorite of approximately 4-5 times a day.Feed it at regular intervals.


New family member definitely need bench (crib, playpen, sofa), where he can calmly examine and chew bone (ball, dried fish).Remember, only in exceptional circumstances is permissible to punish mischievous or pull out of his possessions for drubbing and moralistic.

Your favorite of the need to know what's in his house is a safe place that belongs only to him.Your invasion will irritate a pet, and he wants to escape to the dubious cronies (girlfriends, garage, sauna, hunting).Next to the stove bench should be a place for water (ashtrays, bottles of beer, a pager, the magazine "At the wheel", fresh diapers, powder).

Schooling commands

your favorite brain is very susceptible to simple commands, consistently and persistently repeated.Remember that at the beginning of it can not demand perfection!

finding that shoe lying in the middle of the room, into the gap between the chest wall and stick dirty socks, and milk spilled on the floor, you must abruptly snapped, low and firm voice say, "Ugh!"or "No!".

good result gives simultaneous poking his nose into a crime scene.It is essential to refrain from the punishment!Your silly unlikely to be able to properly understand why you can not chew on the mat or play roulette all night long.

But for every correct action: Bring slippers (flowers, premium, ask "wee"), it is important to praise (caress).Man, as a puppy, ready to break into a pancake, to please you, and in a couple of burgers (kiss the words you're the best ") each time to execute a command with a new enthusiasm.

Schooling to aportirovke

We usually wantthat her husband brings home a salary. For most men, it is a favorite game. Obviously, this is a natural development of the instinct that makes bringing prey to the lair. Training must develop these natural inclinations.

When payday husband comes home, gently but firmly pathim, saying, "Give me!" and gently Extract wallet out of his pocket - in any case, not by force, sharp jerks, threatening tone. After that, be sure to encourage him (a plate of borscht, a kiss, shouting, "How much!", "What do youwell done! ").

To get good results, do not often take the money from the spouse (assuming you provided that he disposes of himself in advance), as it can be tiring, and quench his desire for aportirovke.

Be patient and calm

Your pet should know that there are things to do is not allowed.You can not let your four-legged friend to rush to the first counter-cross bitch.Even if it looks like a thoroughbred looks and well-groomed, she may have fleas (the same applies to the two-legged member of the family).To accustom to the order should be a little every day.

Mind your darling happy, as though playing.Let it brings joy and you and him!

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