How to choose a pick-up?

Modern agriculture can not be imagined without mechanized equipment.One of the most popular machines for the cleaning field is the baler.This unit provides an opportunity not only significantly reduce the time for drying and collecting the hay, but also greatly reduces the complexity of the process.

What is the baler?

for agriculture use a tractor to which, depending on their functions, attached Attachment.To harvest used rotary mower.She puts the cut grass in the roll, which is almost ready for further technical processing.After a while the crop to dry, and the roller can be transported.At this stage, the work enters the baler.The main function of the machine - to pick up straw or hay bales are compressed and form.

Types mechanism

There are many classifications baler:

  1. The form bundles of hay Education: bales and rolling press.The mechanisms of the first type under the influence of the piston to form a rectangular hay bales.A press roll forming bales of dry weight by tightening the cylinder.
  2. By compaction weight: presses with low (up to 100 kg / m³), ​​medium (100-200 kg / m³) and high (200-300 kg / m³) density compaction.
  3. By way of feeding straw bale chamber: press the side, front and top feeding dry grass.
  4. By type of aggregation: towed, self-propelled, mounted and semi-mounted balers.

in domestic agriculture are most commonly used round baler and bale types.

principle of operation of the round baler

During the movement of the roller assembly work fingers baler to pick up the hay and feed it into the bale chamber.In this department with the help of the drums and the press mechanism rotating mass.In this ever-continuing supply of a new portion of hay.During the rotation of the mass of compacted.

To the extent that the hay mass density increases.When a maximum possible density of the bale, through the upper roller on a special device receives a signal.When a hay bale chamber upper roller press prevents clogging of the acceptance of the hole.After the alarm tractor includes a winding machine.Baler stops made winding roll twine.

After winding tractor driver opens the rear panel of the camera and a roll by means of rotating the lower roller is discharged to the ground.After closing the camera back press is restarted, and the formation of the bale is repeated.

To get a quality reel with a good preservation, moisture hay or straw should be 20-23%.Also, for better formation of the bale compression it is recommended in the morning or evening.

Pros and cons roll unit

main advantages of round balers - the duration of the cycle.Compared with bales unit baler hay is easy to use and maintain.Also, this mechanism is easier to repair.

Due to the cylindrical shape of the bale baler has a significant drawback - dimensional cake hay.As a result, difficulties arise during transportation and handling.Therefore there is a need to use additional mechanisms.And such subsidiary handles and lifting machines are not cheap.In addition, their service will even additional resources: materials, raw materials and human labor.

The principle of bale press

collection of crop used with the teeth placed on the gross compartments.Treatment of hay and straw bale unit by means of a piston that compresses the mass of reciprocating movements in a special compartment.Thus it is possible to adjust the length of the bale.

treated mass is packed into rectangular blocks, which are firmly bound with string.Square balers allows you to create several bales harvested crop into one overall unit.During operation, the unit can capture the area from 2 to 2.5 meters, while not impeding traffic review.

case of contact with the press side of the subject or the excessive weight of accumulating all the excess passes through a pulley.This allows not only generate high quality bales with the same amount of hay, but also protects the drive from damage.

Management square balers is done directly from the tractor cab.

Pros and cons of square balers

The main advantage of a bale press - the ability to adjust the density of the bale.Thus, compared with the web aggregates formed much smaller bales.This allows not only to unload the bales mechanized way, but also manually.

bale press also have the best performance.For transporting bales of rectangular shape substantially easier compared with the rolls.One can place the body rectangular bales 1.2 times greater than the rolls.In addition, they are easier to store in the storage areas.They even used for temporary fencing cattle.All these advantages ensure a high demand for square balers.The only drawback of this unit is considered to be high cost.

Baler microtractor

Recently increasingly popular mini-press, which can be used in conjunction with motor-block or small tractor.Due to small size mini baler is very easy to use in small spaces.Therefore, it is often used by individual farmers or small agricultural holdings.

Mini press can also be rolls or bales.The main advantage of this machine - it forms small bales weighing up to 20 kg.Therefore, compressed hay can easily unload / load and transport.Some models of mini-press have an additional feature to adjust the size of the bale or bale diameter.It is always very convenient.

cost car

Like any other farm equipment, baler is not cheap.Today, the market is a wide range of equipment.Manufacturers produce presses with different technical features and modifications.If you need to select the baler, the price - not the most important criterion.During the purchase of the unit should pay attention to the type of machine (or a rolled bale press), power, build quality and the formation of briquettes, performance, density, bale, the bale chamber size, movement speed, the width of the field of processing, economy service.It is equally important to choose a reputable manufacturer's press, which produces high-quality and reliable unit.For agricultural machinery should serve for a long time and have good operational capabilities.Therefore, very often you can see that on the same baler price from different manufacturers can vary significantly.For example, the roll unit of Italian company Super worth 750 thousand. Rubles.For the same mechanism of domestic production have to pay about 400 thousand. Rubles.A baler 145, manufactured by LLC "Ancona", you can buy the factory for 375 thousand. Rubles.The Russian press bale type costs from 450 thousand. Rubles.

bit cheaper cost balers for mini-tractors.The average price for a mini-press Russian production is 350 thousand. Rubles.The same unit of the Chinese company is 1.5 times cheaper.