What can submit a garnish for chicken?

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Chicken eat everything with great pleasure - whether it's completely baked chicken in the oven, chicken legs, drumsticks or wings, cooked up his sleeve, chicken roll, boiled chicken - the variety of dishes do not count, because chicken - a favorite dish almostall peoples.

But often the question arises: what better to combine chicken, or in other words, how to file a garnish for chicken?

Let us remember that in fried or baked in foil bird is well suited as a side dish or sour pickled apples.Goose with apples (or duck) - is what is called a classic of the genre, but I doubt that many have tried to apply to the apples chicken.

And for making such a light (literally and figuratively) garnish just take a sour apple varieties and cut them into slices and fry in the same oil, which is heated with chicken during cooking.Simply add the apples for 10 minutes before end of cooking chicken in the same pan or on a baking tray - and garnish ready!I think everyone will like, especially the ladies!

Another thing that comes to mind - mashed potatoes or boiled rice.You can apply and sophisticated garnish, add green peas canned.But it will be a little standard.Although boil the same figure can be different, and not everyone turns out tasty - but at home it would be desirable, so to speak, "canteen" option to get.

offers you a garnish for chicken cook rice for my recipe, and believe me, it turns out very tasty.

So, the recipe rice garnish, write:

Take a kettle or pan with a thick bottom (but in a cauldron is always better to get), and put the two (2) cups of well-washed rice, cover with three (3) cups of cold water, puta large fire, and will not depart.Once the water comes to a boil, and it will happen very quickly, it is necessary to cover the kettle or pan with a lid and continue to strictly by the minute (this is important!) - If there is a timer - make sure you use - if not, then just pinpoint bounds:

3minutes - high heat 7 minutes - moderate fire, 2 minutes - low heat.After that, turn off the gas, and 12 minutes at the our rice without fire, without opening the lid of the pan or cauldron.

If you calculate all the cooking time after boiling, the leaves 24 minutes.Say, for a long time?Yes, is not that - because you stand at the stove, only the first 12 minutes and the last 12 minutes of rice comes himself.Then open the lid and add the cooked rice and salt to taste and any oil (I like to add butter, and cooking too good) and mixed.That's it - a delicious garnish for chicken is ready!I would be glad if you like it!

And if you decide to cook chicken in a special sleeve, the win-win option to bake with chicken potatoes and onions (if potatoes are relatively large, it must be cut into quarters) - and get just the finished dish, with the least effort and very tasty, soas your side dish soaked all those condiments that you add to the marinade for chicken in the process of preparation, and will give your onion juice while baking.And when ready chicken and potatoes, you will only nice to put all on a plate and sprinkle with dill and other herbs.And to make a salad of fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, and other vegetables, which can also be added to garnish your main dish.

excellent and very elegant garnish on holiday table can be roasted fresh tomatoes, zucchini or eggplant.And if the season of fresh vegetables has not yet reached, then a vegetable side dish to chicken is well suited braised sauerkraut.

also on holiday table a well-fed roast chicken on a platter and surround it slices of sliced ‚Äč‚Äčoranges - it's not only looks smart but also perfectly matches the taste!

In general, would be chicken, and even garnish we always realized something!

Enjoy all the meal!