Multiplication table: whether to help the child in its study?

One of the most important things you need to learn the child while studying in the first class, is the multiplication table.Unfortunately, not all children can do it yourself.This requires support from the parents.

learn the multiplication table to help special rules.Firstly, it is necessary that the child independently rewrote all the examples in the paper.That is, it is not necessary to print the table.In this case, the child's visual memory is activated.It is desirable that the child has used bright colors and create thematic paintings at the time of rewriting the table.For this purpose, you can make even a single album and buy your child paint.Directly to the process of learning is recommended to begin after the baby is finished drawing the table.

First you need to learn all the examples of the combination with the unit.All the combinations that the child learned, you must cross out gently.After the unit can move on to an example in which there is a multiplication by 10. It is recommended to explain to the child that when multiplied by any number of 10, it is necessary to attribute a zero.

noteworthy that pace the child quickly learns the table.It is already possible to safely cross out as many as two columns.

continues to teach table is necessary to multiply by 2. The child must understand that when multiplied by the number 2 should be added to itself.When the baby will deal with this, you can cross out another column.

After multiplying by 2, you need to go to the study of the rules associated with the five.In this regard it is important to explain to your child that when you use odd numbers total value will always be at the end of figure 5. In the case of even numbers, the value will end in 0. This time should be given maximum attention.

Further study multiplication tables is memorizing combinations, where the numbers are multiplied to themselves.Subsequent study of the algorithm does not matter.Therefore it is better to start with a combination of the number 3 and proceed with the order.

If a child is using this method was not able to learn the secrets of the multiplication of numbers, we can try to use for educational purposes of the game.For example, you can make special cards with examples and bright pictures and every evening to play them with the child.

After a child cope with learning multiplication tables, it should be repeated regularly with him.This is a very important rule in the study of any matter absolutely.

learn the multiplication table is not as difficult as it seems.In this regard, it is important not to hurry.Parents need to be patient and not to abuse the child, if it is something impossible.It is better to focus attention on this and try to explain that the child could not understand yourself.It is worth remembering that the successful completion of primary school - a pledge excellent study of the child in the future.So ignore the problems and difficulties that may arise in the early stages of schooling, it is impossible.