How to remove the old Windows correctly

turns funny situation: on the one hand, Microsoft developers are assured that since the transition of all Windows operating systems on the NT kernel system stability has increased tenfold.It is argued that it is possible to forget about the constant "blue screens of death", better known as BSOD;hangs the entire computer for a "stale" running process;and many other "goodies" that promise the user a long stable operation of the system.

But on the other hand, everything looks a little different: Microsoft's promise of new mechanisms of memory fully implemented, but reliable, although it was higher than the Windows 9x line, however, is still insufficient.This indirect evidence is often asked in the online issue of "how to remove the old Windows».The operating system still has to periodically reset.It is "live" for years in only those users who are limited to work in office applications, listening and viewing multimedia files and using a small number of other programs.Usually beginners who once again eve

n update starts.In contrast, experienced users, not afraid to experiment with new programs, sometimes you have to understand how to remove the old Windows.

Removing old Windows system requires two basic conditions: the transition to Linux operating system;the need for reinstallation due to the inability to boot or abnormal operation of the application.The question of "how to remove the old Windows 7" sounds much less than for Win XP.This is due to foresight Microsoft, convenient mechanism to implement the installation of the new system over the old one.There are three ways to remove the old system.

first apply for Win 7, but not for Win XP.Just insert the disk into the drive with the installation package and start the installation process.At one stage the message that identified the old system, which will be saved in the folder Windows.old.As a result, nothing important will not be erased, and the old system files and folders will be displaced.They have access, so restore your documents, save games and other information simply.Later, you can delete the Windows.old directory.

Despite the evidence, the question of "how to remove the old Windows» yet specified.Therefore we can use the second method.It is quite specific and not available to everyone, but still exists.It should boot from another hard drive, then the problems with how to remove the old Windows, does not arise, because the hard drive with the previous system can be seen in Windows Explorer, or any folder on it can be removed.You rarely hold two stationary computer hard drive (except RAID), but on an external system is sometimes installed by some users.

Third, universal method is to boot from a CD or USB drive (a very popular option) special reduced version of Windows - Windows PE.It is very trimmed in functionality, such as support for high-grade audio and video though is possible, but is associated with certain difficulties, so rarely realized.

At the same time work with the file system is available in full.Download LiveCD may be a torrent trackers.There are many of its assembly made by enthusiasts Win PE.The composition often includes a program to work with hard disk partitions, test hardware components of the computer and some other applications.After loading the prepared disk (USB drive) LiveCD recommended to delete the old Windows.Sometimes, the hard disk may not appear in the system of PE.To address this should be in the BIOS to change the mode of operation of the disk subsystem with AHCI to IDE.If you can not erase because of permissions, they can be changed (Folder Options - Security - Advanced).

If the user does not know how to remove the old activator Windows 7, is the most simple and can be done correctly in the installer activator.Usually, all these programs have a friendly graphical interface, to understand that it is possible.Prior to this, do not forget to disable security software services (Control Panel, Administrative Tools - Services).