How to cook flavorful lamb chops in the oven

lamb - the meat that is served hot.Dishes of meat prepared with the addition of various spices and seasonings.Lamb ribs in the oven can be attributed to a very hearty and delicious recipes.

Let's start fry them in a pan, and then a little then in brass chamber.We take about a kilogram or slightly more ribs and carve them into small pieces.They also need to wash and then dry with a towel.Then fry ribs for brown.Add salt, coriander seeds and cumin milled and mixed well.Fire at that moment can be a little abated.After one or two minutes, remove the pan from the heat and cover with a lid.Once the meat has cooled slightly, we will continue to cook.During this time it is saturated with the aroma of spices.

meantime, peel onions and cut his arbitrary pieces, better semicircles.We took out the pan and spread out on it the foil.We spread it fried ribs, but not all, but only a part.Sprinkle them with oil, which was formed during cooking.This fragrant oil because smelling spices.Then lay out the top half of the onion.Sprinkle with salt, pepper and any and sprinkled with lemon juice.Then add to the onions and a few cloves of garlic a little hot pepper.Then spread the remaining ribs and onions.Similarly, water them with lemon juice and oil from frying, and sprinkle with salt and spices.Now pour the meat for about half a glass of wine (red, dry).Close the foil and put the dish in the oven for one hour.Cooking temperature is 220 degrees.

10 minutes before the end, open the foil and let the meat browned.You can use the grill, then the lamb chops in the oven will turn rosy.Serve with greens and vegetables.

Lamb ribs in the oven can be prepared using pots.First you have to prepare the meat.My ribs and cut them into medium-sized pieces.Then sprinkle them zira and sumac and distribute the mixture evenly.Fry chops in the pan to form a golden brown.Take the pots and the first layer spread chickpeas.It should be pre-soaked in water.Top - fried ribs.After this the pan in which the meat is roasted, chopped onions and spread it slightly turned up.Adds it to the pots.Now you can put any seasoning.I advise you to use tarragon, dried mint and saffron.Also add salt.On top lay the sliced ​​potatoes into pieces.Next you need to pour the contents of the pots of hot water or broth.We put them in a brass chamber for about 1.5 hours.After this time has elapsed, switch off the oven.But do not let the pots.Let them then there is still time.But the lamb chops in the oven should be served hot, so do not let them cool down.

How to cook quickly lamb chops in the oven?The recipe for this is.You can simplify the process of making some.Take the lamb ribs and fry them until golden brown.Then we put in a bowl and put the stew in the oven.Pour a little water to them and in the process of watering them stand out juice.After a while, we add them chopped carrots, onions, celery and herbs.Also, pour the lemon juice.Simmer until cooked.Then we pull out the ribs and filter the resulting juice.Add the flour and give it to thicken.Lamb ribs in the oven served with boiled rice and vegetables.Before serving, pour their sauce.

When cooking lamb, you can use any oriental spices.Cumin, saffron, coriander and herbs that add flavor to meat extraordinary tone.Also use sumac or lemon juice to the meat has turned slightly sour.