The user interface

In general, the user interface is a set of physical and logical principles of interaction between hardware, ie a set of interim agreements and rules of algorithms for data exchange between the components.Often referred to as the interface software and hardware that implement the interface between the nodes and devices of computer systems.This concept applies to all physical and logical means of interaction the computer system and the external environment, for example, the operating system with the operator, and the like.

User interface types

To distinguish them by characteristics such as connection method, the structure of bonds, a method of transmitting data synchronization and management principles.There are intraengine interface, which is a pair of blocks and units together.There are two options for this type of interface: multiply, in which each block is connected its local computer wires with other units;simply connected, as a result, all the blocks are connected through a common computer sys

tem bus with each other.

external interface is a communication system of the system unit with computer peripherals or other computers.Here, too, decided to allocate several types: peripheral interfaces, network interfaces.

user interface or human-computer interface - a way of human-computer interaction.If he responds to the user's needs and knows his weaknesses, he is focused on the person.Machine part of the interface - it's the part that is implemented in the car, using the possibilities of computer technology.The user interface is the part which is implemented based on human weaknesses, needs, habits, and learning ability and other factors.The system of national and international standards prescribe what should look like the most common interfaces.

User Interfaces: classification

There are three types: command, SILK and WIMP.When the command interface, the process of interaction between man and computer is performed by applying computer instructions executed by them, then the result is issued to the user.Currently, this technology is not widely applied.WIMP characterized in that the computer and dialogue is carried out using a human graphical windows, menus, and other similar elements.Given that in such an interface signals are also machine is produced by the graphical elements.At present the graphical user interface is an integral part of every computer.It was implemented in two different levels: easy and complete WINP-interface.

SILK-interface is most close to the familiar human form of communication.It takes place within a normal human-computer conversation.Computer analyzes human speech and finds in it the team for himself, and then implements them.The output of the command is translated into human-readable form.SILK- interface uses: semantic interface;Speech technologies;mimic the interface.

Currently, all types of computers used WIMP-interface.The user interface is closely related to psychology and ergonomics.Psychology studies human behavior in different situations, his mentality, intelligence, internal and external factors of irritation, reactions and habits.Ergonomics deals with the study of the principles of human interaction with machines.A careful study of all of the programmers manage to create a friendly interface with which the user is convenient to work.