NLP "revaluation of the past"

This technique helps to change the assessment of a certain period of life.For example, it will make more happy memories of childhood or a certain person.

1. Period.

Determine the period of time that you perceive as a "problem", "difficult" or "bad."This may be due only to some person, place, etc.For example, "work in such a company," "the relationship with the father", adolescence, etc.

2. Anchor.

Set yourself plenty of powerful positive anchor.Think of some of the most pleasant of their states.Think of a pleasant state, bringing it to the maximum, squeeze your right hand into a fist, and then unclenching, get out of the state.And then several times.It is desirable that there were at least 5 states may belong to different categories.For example, "calm", "happiness", "pleasant relaxation", "respect" and "humor".

3. Timeline.

Imagine for a piece of the floor time line that corresponds to the selected period.Take a small sheet of paper.Remember the more or less significant events of the period, write the name of the situation on the leaves and place them on a time line in chronological order.It is desirable that the distance between them in proportion to the period.

4. Sort.

Walk through time, noting which ones do you assess the situation as "nice" and which as "unpleasant".At the same piece of paper with the names of "pleasant" situations leave lie in their places, and the piece of paper with the names of "unpleasant" situations move sideways.

5. reliving.

Mentally get off the line of time and go through all these nice situation.It can be quite fast, just have lived all these nice events, experiencing again the same emotions and feelings.

And now walk again through the time, but being on it, and the situations that have been placed on the side (bad) will be for you in the form of a film about you in these situations.You can zoom in or out screens that show you this movie, making them more or less vague, to turn in a photo, or vice versa, in the movie.

If you remove the screen, or moves, it is desirable to postpone or move up to a similar distance of paper with the names of these situations.But remember that you are on a time line, and you only show events.If you will be still too unpleasant to look at the situation, even on the part of - make yours a positive anchor - squeeze your right hand into a fist.

now a few times Walk through time, from the inside pereprozhivaya "pleasant" and observing the situation from the "bad."Similarly, you can "nice" to make even more pleasant, "unpleasant" to move further or closer.In short, you can play around with all of these situations as "pleasant" or "unpleasant", making them brighter or darker, more or less vague, and so on.

Besides, you can leave the "pleasant" situations and look at them from the side, and enter the "unpleasant" situation and live it from the inside.

6. Environmental verification.

Think not hurt if you is your perception of the past.If you can hurt - go back to step 4.

7. Snap the future.

What you get as a result of this technique?Look into the future - what's changed?

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