How to extend the long-awaited vacation?

how long we wait.As a foretaste.How it warms us think that that's a little more, and there otospitsya, walk up, inhale.Yes, we are now hard, but first, he had it light at the end of the tunnel, we certainly to him we come, crawl, doskrebemsya, And there, for the limit of the line - freedom, vacation, days devoted themselves to their own desires and pleasures.

They are not a myth, they are a reality, they really come - rapid vacation days.But everything comes to an end.We return home fresh, tanned, cheerful.And we think that all at the same rise, life around, so carefree, and we famously flies weekdays in a cloud of light, and clean energy.And there ...

But everything comes to an end in three days.With the habit it seems that things are piling that in the absence of added problems.This is not true.Everything remains the same, you have changed, both externally and internally.And it changed for the better.We were thinking how to maintain this state of vacation?We consulted with psychologists.And now we know - this is possible under certain rules.

first and most important rule is: do not need to share your life , and hence its state on "vacation" and "neotpusk."Try as much as possible to bring together selling and operating modes to avoid abrupt changes between tension and relaxation shalym.If you play tennis on vacation or do gymnastics every day for two hours, to keep the same after his arrival.The same applies to the pedestrian walks.Do not be afraid to grab too much time at work, it is really nowhere you are not going to go away, but you may well go somewhere to hide from excessive caseloads.

When you return from vacation refreshed and rejuvenated, not all green with fatigue surrounding rejoice your mind.They may not be aware of their feelings, but their malevolent emotions and unconscious envy - one of the reasons for this rapid volatilization your posleotpusknyh forces.

to involuntary envy of others not eat you with giblets, try to melt it with his universal benevolence and cheerfulness - plucking of spiritual forces on the shores of the seas and oceans, you may well be able to do it.To do this, look at his friends and colleagues on the new, as if hitherto unknown to you people, but certainly good.And then any ill melted: if you have not responded to it - then, the process has stopped.

One of the most popular ways to save power after a holiday - to maintain a holiday feeling: remember most pleasant moments, but do not live by them, do not miss them, but only call with them the positive emotions that you experienced duringrecreation.They will help you deal with things much easier and faster than if you day and night, and straining with animal seriously tried to do everything.

Do not pay too much attention on the small troubles, quite the same as you did during the rest - it is a very effective way to keep the purchased power.After all, on holiday all sorts of nasty little things irritate you much less.The reason is simple: you almost all the time to devote to themselves, their pleasures, in short - love yourself more than usual.

Accordingly, a greater amount of love extends to the surrounding.Remember, because when you pushed in the hotel bar or stepped on his foot on the beach, you just beamed and assured the "offender", that «it's OK».And any problems.So, this anti-stress and receive excellent works in more serious cases.

But of course, of course, we know that there are situations in which such recommendations are perceived as bullying.For example, after returning from a holiday, you will find that your business is falling apart.Or your husband is full of jealousy to your pleasant pastime.Then write more practical and "technical" methods.Dictating.

first.We used to meet trouble gathering will in a fist, tensed his body and spirit so that they are worthless, broke on our chest.So, do not.Remember Stalker: "The weakness and softness is a sign of life, the strength and stiffness is a sign of death."To meet the stress better than being completely relaxed - both muscular and mentally.Develop on for some time in a rag, peel from itself, amoeba, finally.And then towards you pass through the negative charges (because it is nothing to prevent), come out and go away before.But you have to do with it will not have.We are not kidding.

second. order to be able to influence the situation, it is necessary to maintain inner peace.This can be done, for example, like this: imagine that everything does not happen in real life and on screen, and you are not a participant in the situation, but only a spectator.There, on the screen, something happens, someone on someone screaming, someone who says something nasty, but after all this is in the movie, for you, it is what has?"Ekraniziruya" an unpleasant situation, you thus distancing it from itself.And the further the screen, the detachment you perceive the event, the less they will affect you.

And you can do the opposite.Imagine a man who tells you bad things, a part of yourself.After all, when we argue in my heart with themselves, often cursing last words, we ourselves do not take offense.The same effect you get here, if you introduce yourself and your conflicting human one.

third. If you follow our wonderful recommendations, and despite this feeling that pulled hard problems are too heavy, try the following: Feel the weight on your shoulders, try physically as pressure on you, bending down to the ground, this is hard and angular blocks, feel itputrid smell ... and when it becomes unbearable - abruptly straighten and reset it, hear, as it rumbled behind you.Do this several times.Then, if you say that has not become easier, sorry, we will not believe.

Now look. Most of our good mood posleotpusknogo due to the fact that we look good.Everything is in our hands, and save the human species may be a long time, even forever.Methods ridiculously easy.Sea replace pool, tanning in a solarium can be maintained.In the first week after arrival is to use very fatty creams - water and sun dry your skin too.It will not hurt and weekly phytosaunas or aromatic bath, where the best is a combination of chamomile, celandine and thyme.Be sure to walk (for the dog lover is not a problem), and in general as much as possible to move.Nothing new, right?

But the main thing - remember: real you - this is a tanned, athletic, sweet and cheerful adorable what you were on vacation.Yes, this is you're just afraid to believe it.This and stay, so you and love.

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