How to save your energy and make up?

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women give so much energy work, child-rearing, housework and, of course, his beloved.And often we are so exhausted at night, just valimsya on the bed with a single desire - to sleep as much as possible longer.And early rise in the morning again, and the day passes as well as yesterday.Ladies, stop!Look at yourself in the mirror.Faded eyes and dark circles under your eyes make you more attractive?To live all his life giving energy and does not filling it is simply impossible!

Some ladies think now that we are going to talk about something arcane and difficult to achieve.We hasten to disappoint them.They will discuss the long-known truths about modern women who do not have time to remember.But, accustomed themselves to implement the recommendations of our sekretikov, the fairer sex feel like every day they gain more strength.

sekretiki number 1

Waking up in the morning, stretch like a cat.Make a small charge.For example, without getting out of bed can be a little pump up the press, to perform exercise "bicycle" or "cat-dog" (to kneel, leaning his elbows on the bed and round the back, and then bend it to the lumbar spine).To wake up the body and was ready for a new day, you need to warm up in the morning to dedicate 5 minutes.

sekretiki number 2

came home from work, be sure to become the shower to wash away the dirt roadside and all negative emotions received during the day.If you imagine that standing under a waterfall, and all the dirt and film with the water go into the abyss, it will be wonderful.

sekretiki number 3

No heavy and long menstrual periods.Such menstruation not only washed away the body needs minerals, but also weakens the woman.What to do?First, it checks the gynecologist.Second, a simple exercise will help to strengthen the intrinsic muscles.In the toilet, when you walk, "in a little" squeeze the vaginal muscles, interrupting urination, then again relax muscles.Train yourself to do this exercise in the toilet constantly and then not only menstruation will be quick and easy, but in the future you have not known such misfortunes as incontinence.

sekretiki number 4

Massage - not a luxury.At least once a quarter, allow yourself to enjoy a light massage.Some people need a therapeutic massage, while others prefer to cellulite.Whichever you choose a massage would be the main thing - that it would bring benefits to your body, and you - a pleasure.

sekretiki number 5

Shopping and hairdresser.Go shopping fashionable clothes, try vending things look in the perfume department and enjoy the new flavors.It is not necessary to buy all!More fun to go with friends, and to raise the living tone is useful.Pick a good barber, whose hands create wonders with your head.It will help to make a choice recommendation girlfriends and own intuition.

sekretiki number 6

nature walks.If you have in the city park or green belt, be sure to go there every night for a walk with your favorite or the whole family.Leisurely walk (even short!) And talk about what help you relax, view of trees and the air will fill your body with life-giving energy.And in spite of the flow of the river, you can get rid of all unpleasant thoughts.By the way, people who have taken the habit every evening to walk among the trees, not gaining weight!

sekretiki number 7

attached to the culture.Trips to the theater, concerts or exhibitions are necessary for every woman to satisfy the aesthetic needs of our subtly arranged by nature.Contact with beautiful art frees our creative flight of thought, inspiring and filled with positive emotions.

sekretiki number 8

Clean - the guarantee of health.And for the woman cleanliness in the house also makes it lose its energy.Every six months is required to iterate over the rubble in closets, throwing mercilessly cleaved dishes and unnecessary things.Just do not bring the establishment of order in the house to the absurd - no objectives for days carefully vydraivat all surfaces.The house sterile cleanliness is more similar than the family nest, and in the operating room, which is certainly not relax.

sekretiki number 9

Get a hobby - embroidery, beading, and can burn wood?Creates with his own hands, you are immersed in the process completely.The result is a beautiful thing, the stimulation of the brain, the development of care, diligence and imagination, smile and delight loved ones.While working on his work, you will have a rest from the bad thoughts and everyday problems, and, perhaps, find a way out of a difficult situation.

sekretiki number 10

Gather with friends to "pajama" party or just chatting on the phone.It is necessary for every woman.While talking with girlfriends ladies splash out all the emotions, feel the support of each other, which gives them confidence.

It would seem so simple sekretiki that do not require large financial costs.But why did the ladies do not remember them?Maybe the point is that they are committed to "work hard" to the family and its small pleasures they just do not have the time?Ladies, it's time to do them!After all, full of energy and happy woman making her family more robust and healthy.That is your little joy - this is not your whim, but a necessary building block for creating happiness in the family!

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