How to pickle bacon with garlic

salty bacon is known for a long time.In the villages, where it was decided to keep the household pigs storage problem has been solved only by salting it - because freezers at the time was not yet.In fact, in the villages and now his whole salted barrels.

Here's how it happens.At the bottom of thoroughly washed and barrel proshparennoy poured coarse salt layer - not less than a centimeter, then the salt layer five centimeters, then a layer of fat, and so on until all the fat is not available or is not occupied by the entire barrel.Top layer remains salt.This method allows you to store the product in a barrel in a cool place protected from the sun for months.This fat is such an interesting feature - it is impossible to overdo it, because it takes so much salt as needed.

But this way, as they say, traditional, and the result is a "standard", that is a very ordinary, without much delicacy of taste.But so it is possible to pickle large amounts of fat easily.

If the fat a bit, as it happens in the city, you can cook something delicious, fat with garlic, for example.Well, or something else.Recipes are known, there are many, almost each family has its secrets.

So, how to pickle bacon with garlic?

First you need to choose the right pieces.It would seem that the fat is fat, and nothing much can not be.In fact, the fat on the sides of the pig is very different pieces, taken from the back or, say, the abdomen or lower back.Each gets its taste - who like more.The same applies to the layers of meat.If too many layers, then add salt bacon is just the dry method, abundant sprinkling with salt, that is, in a rural, poor, the finished product will be too tough.

But we love it is fat with garlic.The recipe is in this case has its own tricks to pieces do not get too rigid because meat basically nothing particularly complicated about it.One need only observe a few simple rules.

Here is how to pickle bacon with garlic.So, I take at the fair, which runs at us every last Sunday of the month, the most recent pig fat from the sides, and its thickness does not exceed four to five centimeters.I watch, be sure to have layers of meat.House cut a seam on small pieces of a length of seven to ten centimeters, and two or three wide.With a sharp knife make an incision in each piece - from the side.If there is a desire - on both sides.Each incision put on plastic garlic - it gives a wonderful flavor and improves the taste.

Since I salted bacon in a small amount, I take a small posudinku, pour salt on the bottom.Now the pieces with "mounted" rubbed with garlic salt and pepper each piece different.Plump slices stacked in two layers.Required racking Lavrushka and peppered bacon.

posudinku Now put in the refrigerator.Some housewives say that first put the salted lard in a warm place, but I like it better when posudinka placed directly in the refrigerator, to the top.No holes in the bottom of the crockery to drain the resulting brine!

A few hours saucepan with the bacon begins to spread quite delicious flavor.Fat starts to produce juice, which in any case do not need to be drained - let it stay.It gives the juice and fat soft and even tenderness.By the way, after seven hours, the fat can already eat.Here is how to pickle bacon with garlic, which in any case is completely ready for use the next day.Only the best to put it in the freezer, otherwise the fat will be too soft.

My guests, try this delicacy, immediately sprashivayuto how to pickle bacon with garlic?Nobody believes that it's really that simple.

way, fat from other parts of the carcass - from the back, for example, so you can also pickle.But the taste is not so refined.