How to recover flash drive at home?

In this age of information technology various portable appliances almost every user has a personal computer.MP3 players, video recorders, mobile phones and cameras - all these and dozens of other portable devices equipped with flash cards that store a huge amount of different data.

Despite the fact that this information sometimes we cherish, not always possible to copy it to your computer time.A flash drive is a favorite device may fail by refusing to work in the most inopportune moment.And what if recorded on the media favorite photos, quarterly report or other, very important and valuable information?Let's look at options for how to recover a flash drive with all the data recorded on it.

If your drive is not "dead", and from there by mistake accidentally deleted important information, do not despair.Recovering deleted data from the stick may have the chances that the operation will be successful, it is quite large.But sometimes it happens that the memory card or flash drive refuses to work and throw it for whatever reason it is a pity.Let's look at what can be done with such carriers in both cases and how to recover a flash drive together with the information or without it.

First of all let's look at ways to "rescue" removable media along with the data that have been written on it.Restoring them is best done with the help of special tools.Ideally suited for this purpose free program called «PhotoRec».It not only recovers all data from the removable media to a specified folder on your computer, but also breathes new life into a USB flash drive, making it work for a very long time.

alternative utility described above may be paid program «R-Studio».Moreover, the convenience of these programs is that they are able to retrieve information from the media not only to flashing, and after.Although reflash stick costs only users, confident in their abilities.Or you can start to practice on absolutely ancient meager amount of removable media, in the event of their final and irrevocable death was not regret anything.

rewrite itself (update the boot information flash drive) can help if you do not want the removable media is formatted or not is determined when you connect to your computer.The reason is almost always a software problem controller, which is eliminated if the USB flash drive to flash.To start define our grief controller type device using «CheckUDisk» (alternative to this tool can serve as «USBDeview», «ChipGenius» or «UsbIDCheck») and find out what our reflash media now known type of controller.For this call for help to the site and find the appropriate our broken flash drive controller line.Opposite her look in the column of "utility" and reflash it with the help of our media.How to recover flash drive with the help of this program can be found in the detailed instruction on the same site, or by following the plan below.

  1. Turning off the flash drive from the computer and install the utility.

  2. Run the program, and then automatically install the necessary driver it.

  3. Connect a USB flash drive to your computer, then be prompted to install the driver on it.Select automatic installation.

  4. Push program button «Enum» (or press «F3»), and our recently broken flash drive again is determined by the port.

  5. Click the button «Start» (or press the "space") and observe the process of formatting our device.

  6. Then disable removable media, close and delete the program, and then connect our device.

  7. to format using «Windows» and glad that now know how to restore the stick at home.

If at any point the removable media is not detected, try to connect it to a USB-port, often it helps.Please note that, unfortunately, the stick data recovery is not always possible.The above-described methods of "resurrection" help is usually nine times out of ten.