How to glue a broken heart?

glue together a broken heart after a relationship ended quite difficult.But sooner or later it will have to make each one of us.And if in some cases, you can get off, knocking out "like cures" (ie new relationships), sometimes the old wounds, resentments and complexes interfere move on and be happy.

Of course, the process of "healing" is not a quick or simple.It takes time, a lot of time.But we'll show 3 major first step, with which you want to start and who will direct you to the right path.

1. Feel their pain had lived it.

Do not rejoice and say that everything is fine when it is not.We know how it is: you urgently rushing to the shops, to the salon to change the image, in a solarium, a nightclub ... You're trying to break away to stick a plaster on the wound of new emotions and impressions, but in fact only to drive deeper feelings that must sooner orlate "explode."

Do it the way you want: Stay home, cry, review all of your photos and videos, eat a kilo of ice cream, watch movies all night about love, after hearing your song to the hole ... Give emotions out, you see, you feel better!

2. separate fact from emotion.

We often are blind to their joy or sorrow.You probably head and share the history of your break something on the type of Romeo and Juliet or Tristan and Isolde - cruel circumstances broke the star-crossed lovers ... And in fact, he just scared serious relationship or cheated on you with his ex-girlfriend.And it's not bad you are, and he is a fool, but not Romeo and Tristan!

3. Give yourself time.

Time, as we know, treats.So be patient, you are now very, very painful, but tomorrow the pain subside a little bit, just a droplet.A day after another droplet.And so little by little you will go.The main thing - do not force events, let the healing process take its course and then be sure to come a time when you wake up in the morning and realize that the pain was completely gone from your heart, and you're ready for a new relationship.

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