The philosophy of My Life

Sometimes everyday life goes into a special stage: acquiring new, unpredictable, expands the range of sound and painted bright colors of drifting past you and fills a blank corridor corners of your soul.Then it (life) is gaining such a rapid pace and momentum, speed and rhythm of the days are so incredible, events and actions - speeding somewhere past, through you, and their shapes - a barely perceptible, that of all his past weeks remembered only strange, butsometimes silly ideas out of his head and tired sick mind does not have time to keep track of what is happening.At such times, inadvertently starts to dream about the appearance of an additional six hands, thus passing on octopodiformes Shiva or goddess Guanyin.Sooner or later, you realize that you're just trying to catch after life, you run after her and can not keep up.And you just want to live.

comes to mind about the transience of life, how she is incredibly small.And how many have not yet done ... And how to do everything while you're young and full of energy (and full of it?) And belief in yourself, while you are not disappointed in everything and everyone, as is the case in the crises of 30 and 40 yearsand finally, until you know exactly what you want in life? .. Many believe that there is time to decide on benchmarks and desires."I will not think about it now. I'll think about it tomorrow" and everything in this style.Is there a time to think about it tomorrow?Where and who you will be tomorrow?Can you solve this tomorrow?Tomorrow - is fantastic as long as it will not be today.And you only have time today.Now.Not postponing, which may not be.In my opinion, there is nothing worse in life to die and did not know their position, the position and direction in life, to die, even highlighting their way on which I would like to go.

you start to realize how important it is to spend the holidays with family, we would like to cut out snowflakes with family, arguing about where better to hang the red ball on the Christmas tree, all together decide which slide the best and most fun, guessingwish under the chiming clock and ask God that there were many more such happy days ...

But it is too late to think about it.Holiday left, you stayed late at work (the first year), and the body showed only one wish - to go to bed soon.You know, it's a vicious circle, a maze of events and circumstances, of which you have not yet found a way out.You can not stop this wheel extremely fast movements that sucks you in, devouring all your time and awareness of life.

stop.Late for work, sit on a bench in the park.And allow yourself to think about yourself, your life, look at the people around (and see them in the same trap as the hamster running on the wheel, which stands motionless in a cage), to breathe dirty air city (understand the insignificance of his existence and to predict itsend), longed for the village in which you grew up and in the end, allow yourself to cry for all to see, to release "pairs" kopivshiysya years and understand that in the last fifteen minutes, you have acquired knowledge and experience much more thanlast several years.

I want to live and not to run for life.