How to cook pork with prunes

pork - highly nutritious product.It can be boiled, fried, baked on coals simmer and add salt.But if cooking pork to use other ingredients, you can get new flavors and creative dishes.Prunes are combined with pork very well.It gives dishes an original, sweet taste with a light, barely noticeable acidity.

to cook prunes with pork, we will need 500 grams of pork.Cut the meat into pieces, which have a circular shape.Next we repel them and sprinkle with pepper and salt.Make a batter of flour and fry each piece on either side.Cooked pork spread on a baking sheet for baking in the oven chamber.Next, finely chopped onions and passiruem it until golden brown in a frying pan with vegetable oil.Then lay out the bow on top of the meat.Prunes cut into small pieces and form the next layer.Then our meal pour mayonnaise on top and rolling in walnuts.Put the pan in the oven and bake prunes with pork.

feast or decoration of any holiday table can be a roll of pork with prunes.It can be made from a single piece of meat, and can be in the form of small rolls.To do this, take the average portioned pieces of pork loin.Nashpigovyvaem pieces of prunes.Then, each slice and sprinkle with salt and pepper and wrapped in thinly sliced ​​bacon or bacon.Rolls to retain their shape, they must be chipped wooden sticks or toothpicks.We put them in a bowl and pour half a cup to a white, dry wine is desired.We reserve the pork marinate for 10 hours.

After this time, we take out the meat from the marinade and obsushivayut it with a paper towel.Mix sugar, mustard seeds, and sprinkle this mixture on rolls.Take the form for baking and spread it rolls pork.Put in the oven and roast until done.The sauce, which will remain in shape after baking, do not pour.We connect it with the marinade and put to boil.Cook until the sauce until it becomes thick.This sauce is necessary to submit to a table with rolls.

Here's another recipe that uses pork with prunes.Take a good chunk of pork and cut it in such a way as to obtain a large reservoir.Then the repulse of his gavel.Mix one teaspoon of any mustard with three tablespoons of sour cream ordinary.The mixture spreadable pork.Then my prunes and clean a few cloves of garlic.All ingredients shred blender or twist in a meat grinder.We spread this mixture on the plastered layer of meat.On top put a thin plate of cheese.Then turn off the pork roll and associate culinary thread.Fry on each side of it, to make it golden.We spread the strudel in a baking dish in the oven and set to prepare.In the form you need to pour half a cup of boiling hot water and cover it with foil.

finished dish should be cut into portions and serve with vegetables and herbs.The resulting frying juice can be used as a sauce and pour over the meat.Prunes with pork gives excellent taste.

If you want to surprise your family a delicious and hearty, the following recipe will approach can be very useful.Pork stew with prunes, prepared quickly and simply.Cut 800 grams of pork pulp into small pieces.Fry them in oil.Then cut the onion and add it to roasted meat.There also pour the tomato hot sauce and stew briefly.Add a little boiling water and simmer until until pork is tender.Then pour in a pan sliced ​​prunes.Rolling in salt and pepper to taste.Simmer the prunes with pork until cooked.

Try these original recipes and treat your loved ones with new flavors.