Booklet printing

Promotion without a printed booklet today - something out of the ordinary.Booklets and posters - a convenient and beautiful medium of information about products, services and promotions.Pamphlet - it is an effective way to attract customers.They are not only interested in your products, but also to talk about it to friends, relatives and acquaintances.If you decide on the production of booklets, Moscow provides you with the best quality at the best prices.Typography "Alliance-press" - it is printing, which you will be satisfied.

rich experience combined with the latest technology allows you to order a print quality booklets and booklet printing immediately.Before ordering a print advertising brochures, read a number of advantages that you get by printing booklets.
First, print promotional leaflets is done so that the personal incentive buyer beautifully designed and illustrated, to present his beautiful text about the service.Well-written booklets never went to the nearest trash can.These booklets wants to keep the posters, so come back to them and reading again.

Secondly, the production of booklets brochures typography "Alliance-press" does only on the basis of professional, high-quality design that attracts and interests the customer.
Thirdly, the production of advertising booklets produces a lasting effect.Like the booklets posters that keep shoppers may involve more than one client.
Fourth, the printing of leaflets and pamphlets attracted the attention of not only the person who received it directly, as well as his friends and relatives that extends the scope of the impact of the advertising campaign.
Which printing method to choose?
Booklets are printed digitally and offset methods.The choice of method depends on the objectives and goals of the advertising campaign.If printing of promotional leaflets will be a large circulation, it would be advantageous to carry it through offset printing.If Pamphlet flyers is small in amount and very colorful, it is then advantageous to resort to digital printing.
What you should pay attention to?
If you are doing booklet printing for the first time, and mushrooms you do not, then go to the organization of this issue very carefully.Booklets posters should make you and your product advertising literate, so the design and the information component should be both beautiful and useful.

booklet in its essence - a sheet that filled the information on both sides and folded in a special way.Standard folding - 2-3 times, but quite common and booklets on 7 additions.A method of folding a sheet you will need to specify when ordering the production of booklets brochures.
choosing paper for the booklet, remember that the better and thicker paper, the better the outcome will be, and the more likely that the buyer will keep this booklet.Standard paper manufacturing booklets - coated paper of high density.Just keep in mind that when you print booklets on paper thicker than 170g / m2, a mandatory procedure would creasing - the application of crease lines on the sheet layout.Then, after printing a booklet can be folded without fear of tearing the paper.Price
production of advertising booklets
Advertising booklets for which the price depends on several factors, you can order online by completing the order form, call or come to the office.In the production of booklets price is based on the selected paper, print type, volume circulation, and other design elements, such as the colors of images.If you do not know what to choose settings for printing, our consultants will be happy to help you.Production of advertising booklets should not frighten you, if you have not done this before, just as the price of the booklet.Advertising - the motor trade, which means it's time to turn the ignition key.