How to save money at a small salary?

How to save money at a small salary?In modern life, the question is often relevant.Time does not stand still, and with it changes dramatically the way we live.There are periods when financially things are not the best way.The reason it may be a crisis in the country, lack of jobs, employment for a trial period, with a reduced salary and other objective reasons.How to feed themselves and their families in this case?How to live with dignity?In this article we will try to develop a theme: "How to save money at a small salary."Consider some of the most effective strategies and methods of financial planning additional income that allow to stay "afloat" during the financial crisis.

brief preface

Before you begin, note that should never be discouraged and afraid of difficulties.Today, you have a small salary and difficult situations.Do not wait until everything goes by itself.Strive to improve their situation: constantly looking for a job with a decent income.Do not give up various podrabotok, the extra money will never happen.Believe in yourself.Let him not once, but all the work, the main thing - to make efforts.And now back to our weekdays.

monitoring income and expenditure

How to save money at a small salary?First, be sure to have a habit to monitor income and expenditure of their funds.Sample this - accounting documents, in which up to a penny, you can trace where the money had been received for a specific period and that they were spent.To plan your budget, you need to start keeping the paper home accounting or start the corresponding file on your computer.If you choose the last option, it is best to use a special program, well, or at least rewound ordinary spreadsheet.

Zaim reference book for monitoring income and expenditure, it is necessary to divide each sheet into two parts.In the first part you want to record your income, and the second - the cost.After analyzing the second column a notebook, you can clearly see what you go funding, and what can be discarded.

piggy bank for the money

How to save money at a small salary?Get a piggy bank.Another good habit - is the ability to set aside money from each paycheck.This can be both fixed and arbitrary amount.How better to save money?The best option - to postpone 10% of monthly income.By putting money in a piggy bank, you too will feel the difference.But after a few months you will see that the amount in the bank has increased significantly, and can afford any unplanned purchase.It is also advisable to accumulation of money put in the bank at interest, to finance so-called "work."

planning costs

Think of yourself in those days, when your salary can not be called small.Surely sometimes you get your hands on the money in the first few days or hours is not constrained, and spent a significant part of the finance for the things that were not essentials.It is important to understand that these days are in the past, and is essential to get rid of the habit of buying useless or not the right things.

First, select part of the money for all the necessary utilities.Next, set aside part of the funds to pay for the Internet, mobile, TV (if you have cable).Maybe sometimes it is necessary to refuse from the use of any services that will save you a portion of the proceeds.For example, turn off the cable or cut the budget for cellular communication.Next

should defer part of the salary for the purchase of food and household products.Remember that many products are not a priority in the list of needed goods, and often on their purchases can refuse to downplay his reckless desire.You can also save some finances, buying groceries and household chemical goods in wholesale warehouses, where prices tend to be a few tens of percent lower.

The last thing should spend the remaining money on your wardrobe.Do not buy things rashly.When financially troubled best only occasionally to update your wardrobe by adding a couple of things.In this case, you can save by buying garments in various second-hand, commission shops and sales.

Try not to hurt

As strange as it may sound, but try to hurt less.Your every disease - is not only a waste of medicines, but also decrease your ability to work.Due to the exit to the hospital your income substantially reduced, and in addition to that there will be absolutely no need to spend on drugs.Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.First of all, get rid of bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, because it is also an extra graph in your notebook costs.

Communicate with people

Communication with other people - is one of the most important factors of success of each individual.Develop existing links with friends and make new acquaintances!Never be afraid to learn about the interesting job and offer a candidate to perform a particular job.Do it always, but not too intrusive, so people did not have to avoid.

Any thoughts about the successful future

Many people say that the dream of anything - is useless or even harmful waste of time.But we all know the expression, saying that thought very material.This is sometimes true!When one of anything is always thinking, it is hundreds of times in the head scroll, as if he was able to achieve this.We conclude that, dreaming about the money, you will develop in your mind a great many new ways of earning.

Other ways to save money

  1. If you have children, then, most likely, a tangible part of the salary to spend on the purchase of toys, which have recently become more expensive.How to save money in the family?One of the ways out of this situation lies in the fact that their child should never be allowed in the store.Children almost always ask their parents to buy something to them if mum and dad take them with you.And here the principle of the need to act not of the subject, but simply stubborn desire to acquire this particular thing.Remember: if a child saw and wanted some toy or treat, then persuade him to abandon them would be very difficult.Children do not understand that the parents ponder the question: "How to save money in the family?".They just see something beautiful and want to get it.
  2. in the habit of many people includes access to various entertainment events.These include restaurants, clubs, cafes, paid sites for entertainment and others. It is clear that all this is necessary for us to meet our emotional state, but do it in a crisis entirely inappropriate.Alternatively, go to the places on the saved money can be once a month or two.But if you have a small salary, then it is better not to spend money on entertainment.
  3. How to start saving money?Do not take more than is required for the purchase of the planned product.Walk into the store with a list of necessary purchases, and allow yourself to take as much money as necessary to pay for them.Often people can afford to buy is not the right thing, if they remain in the pocket the extra money, be wary of such situations.How to save money on the products?Visit the large supermarkets and wholesale outlets.There the price is much lower than in conventional stores.
  4. love to ride in his own car?At the moment of crisis, it is best to put the car in the garage and go on a ride in public transport.This measure is very effective, because the price of gasoline is much higher than the cost of the ticket.A more effective option is walking distance if the distance allows.Try sometimes take away from work or friends to the house on foot and a month of walking you will see that substantial savings.Besides, it is good for health.
  5. What can still save money?Failure of any household appliances or items not in a hurry to address to the professional master.Perhaps some of you will be able to eliminate the failure with his own, and with some failures to help cope neighbors or friends.Yet, if it becomes clear that a breakdown can not cope on their own, do not hesitate to call a specialist.The sooner you start to solve the problem, the more likely that the repairs will cost less money.


As people save money?Enjoy all of the above methods and techniques.Our tips will help you to live in dignity at a small salary.But do not stand in one place and reconciled with over Affairs.Remember that this is just a forced measure related to your financial situation.Try to quickly regain the high income and begin to live the same life, leaving in it some useful habits of the material in this article!Do not settle for a small, strive for a new job and a decent income.