Free Online Classifieds C MAIN

alternative posting ads.

You need to convey information about the company to the inhabitants of your neighborhood, and you're thinking about posting free classified ads?

Great idea!

Although it is fraught with sanctions the local administration.

Recently, a wave of Russian combat this type of unauthorized advertising.

to adopt a scheme of collection agencies, embossing debts.

This is at least your statement, said in the announcement, the phone number to redial and almost around the clock conversations with experts on brainwashing.

But, but your ads will be free to hang around neighborhoods and probably caught the eye of interested customers even before their soskrebut or make you delete them, and even the fine was imputed.

We offer you a completely legal site, is not limited in space to describe your proposal, it is free, except for the issue of your time and Internet traffic:

this opportunity to illustrate your proposal in the photo gallery;

is all your contacts that you wish to provide to customers;

a description of how to find your business and if you want to diagram the location of your business and its branches;

and most importantly the ability to almost instantly finding your information, and it is interested customers at any time of the day.

This is your free online business card with free ad on our site.

your products and services will become more accessible to your customers.

Visitors are given the opportunity, literally two clicks, get a list of offers businesses and entrepreneurs every neighborhood, in every corner of Russia.

All Russia, and any kind of goods and services on a single page.

Perhaps someone thinks that getting information about the district is nonsense, neighborhood and so clearly.

But we offer at the moment, to put information about 300's lines of business.

Question for doubting the wisdom of Mikrorajon boards: You can tell at least a tenth of the list in your neighborhood - location and contact information, schedule of work, the range at the moment, if they have a delivery, made loans, andetc.etc.

Even if you have a small business of the district, will be difficult in such a heap sort.

It's not every day we all needed.

But we can safely say that every business, every day visiting customers.Our aim to simplify the possibility of their meeting.

to create online business card with free ad on our site sufficient knowledge of the computer user.

It is available for businesses of any size.

At the right moment, in two minutes you can find plumbing and electrical, and professionals who look for a while for your dog, and even representatives of nearly 300 tonnes of business, those close to you.

A business representatives can say one thing - only on you depends the availability of information about your business in search results on our website.

Having online business card ad, you have nothing to lose, you just get more customers.

Good luck to your business!