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first advertising agency in the world

a long time, all the advertising was carried out only in oral form.People are telling each other the latest news, talked about new products and inventions, and thus advertise a particular product or service.The changes followed only after the creation of the media (the media).This was the essential medium through which such a profession was born as an advertiser, and then were created and the first advertising agencies.It started with paper and newspapers until the early 20th century and ended them.And while it was not bright and intricate visually appealing images and black-and-white text with a few pictures.

At the root of the newspaper business was Benjamin Franklin.He became famous not only in the political and scientific field, but also in publishing.In 1784 in Philadelphia began publishing daily newspaper, whose name indicates its advertising component, - The Pennsylvania Packet and General Advertiser.«Advertiser» in the title of this paper can be translated as "the person placing the advertisement," and as "a newspaper ad."Thus, it is evident that the first meaning of the modern word "advertising" was "classified" or otherwise - information.With the increase in lottery newspapers increased profitability and advertisements, both for publishers and advertisers.

So who created the world's first advertising agency?On this score is still debate.The main question remains so - whether it is possible to press agency considered advertising space advertising agency?

This press agency was created in 1842 by Volney Palmer, a native of Pennsylvania.He began his career in the newspaper, and then founded the "American press agency."It is considered the first in the United States (and even the world) advertising agency.Palmer, of course, made a great contribution to the development of the advertising business.He promoted in newspapers and promotional products advertising department created in the print media even then, not simply selling the newspaper space to anyone who wants to buy it.

But the more common version is still considered that the first advertising agency was the NW Ayer & amp;Son.It was founded in Philadelphia, and it has existed for more than 100 years (closed in 2002).

Prior to the creation of specialized advertising agencies roles and functions performed by agents space brokers - «brokers who trade publishing areas."Agents buy advertising from businesses and then sold them to newspapers, which then had the major problems associated with getting advertisements from other cities or rural areas.

Four years later, a new favorite of young business advertising - James Thompson.He bought the agency of his former employer, who formerly worked as an accountant.The agency also claims to be the first.It was created in 1864 in New York for five years before the agency NW Ayer & amp;Son.James Thompson bought the business for $ 1,300.He renamed the J. Walter Thompson and led one of the leaders of the advertising business.The agency initially specialized in magazine advertising.It is ahead of all in many modern innovations: they are the first part of the financial plan of the campaign, began to take to their work for women and produced the first television program.The agency is currently Thompson is the largest advertising agency in the US and among the four largest advertising agencies in the world.

first agency of this type were limited to mediation functions.State agency usually been quite small, so it does not itself create advertisements.Such an agent engaged only direct advertising in the newspaper.It was only in 1891 in New York, was founded the first advertising agency with full service.George Batten, director of the agency, hired and Editor, and trained illustrators.As a result, this agency offers services in preparation of text, layout, preparation for print advertisements and placing them in newspapers or magazines.Company Batten was a huge success.And it deserved Agency has become one of the most successful advertising agencies of the XX century.

first advertising agency in Russia

advertising business in Russia began its development only after serfdom was abolished.Before that advertisements published in state newspapers, now it has become a very real issue of the newspaper at the expense of advertisers.

one after another began to open a variety of publications, and in 1878 created the first advertising agency in Russia - "Central Bureau of ads."Its founder, Ludwig became Mettsl (he was a Czech by birth).The functions of the first advertising agencies were welcome announcements of various character and placing them in the newspapers.Initially Mettsl worked with provincial editions, but with the development of the market, and he gripped the capital's newspapers.By the beginning of XX century department of an advertising agency already existed in Warsaw, and in New York, and Berlin, and Paris.

It was the first agency in which text ads were created by professionals.Before Mettslya Russian press has not received such income, and there was money from subscribers.Activities Mettslya quickly revive trade in remote corners of the country, this is a very positive impact on the Russian economy as a whole.

Agency Mettslya promoted not only other people's businesses, but also promoted their business by attracting new customers in the advertising space.Over time, the office was transformed into the ad "Russian Joint Stock Company announcements" and thus expanded its range of services.Now, the agency's employees were advertising texts, slogans have been developing translating into other languages, as well as the decoration of newspaper ads.A special department has developed a full-scale advertising campaigns and promotion strategies.All of you must have known the phrase "advertising - the motor trade" - is also the invention of the first advertising agency Mettslya.This phrase is said to have invented CEO of V. Polyakov.