Additional income.

<div> <div id="article_body" itemprop="articleBody"> <p> Some would say that money can not buy happiness.And perhaps he is right.But they somehow calm and pleasant, agree.Perhaps, in addition to the basic salary, you need extra income to afford to spend more to make gifts yourself and loved ones.But there are situations in life when they need money for basic things - food, medicine, utilities payments.For information on how to obtain additional income, we describe in this article.Beware of scams </p> <h2> </h2> <p> Dishonest people are aware of how I want to get an extra penny a minimum of effort.And so painstakingly set traps, playing on human greed.So be careful, especially when you promise fabulous earnings, or even "modest additional earnings from $ 50 per day" with a minimum of effort.This includes both courses of supposedly successful entrepreneurs on the Internet that sell them for mere pennies (think, what they do, and so if they earn "millions without work") and offers to collect pens at home.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> </div> <p> </p> <h2> Types spinoff </h2> <p> are many, but we will try to bring a certain classification.</p> <div><center> <script async src="//"></script> <!-- tipings --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:336px;height:280px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4235477045164216" data-ad-slot="4216162687"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </center></div> <ul> <li> <em> Offline-earnings.It's a classic way to </em> option for all ages.Residents of big cities will be easier to find a job, but with due diligence and in a small village, you will not be left without work.</li> <li> <em> online earnings, or additional income on the Internet.</em> global web is scope for improving the material condition, but you need to approach them with great caution, t. To. The fraud in this area is booming.</li> </ul> <h2> work offline </h2> <p> If you are looking for a way to get in addition to the scholarships and pension income extra, then you have these options: </p> <div class="mid-g-block"> </div> <ul> <li> <em> Distribution of leaflets.</em> Such work is needed on a regular basis, it requires no skills and paid most of every day.</li> <li> <em> Babysitting.</em> If you get along well with children, without work will not stay.Especially if you have experience working in a kindergarten or school.But you can not only watch the kids, or the elderly.In a large city you will find owners who are happy to instruct you dog walking for a modest fee.Of course, you should get along well with animals and be sure to cope with clients pets.</li> <li> <em> Mystery shopper.</em> This is the type of employment that provide large companies or marketing agencies.It consists in the fact that you come to the store under the guise of the buyer, the salespeople about some of the goods and actually evaluate the actual quality of visitor services.As a result of the work you submit a written report, sometimes you want to attach a recorded conversation with an advisor (mobile phone or player make it easy to cope with this task).If your company will find the information useful and informative, then you will be invited for the next inspection.</li> </ul> <h2> Make things work </h2> <p> Perhaps you do not think that many of the items that you have - is an additional source of income.For example, you have a welding machine or other tool you needed during construction, large-scale repair works, and now lies gathering dust.Why not rent it?</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> <div id="yandex_ad_R-70350-2"> </div> </div> <p> If you have a garage or a parking place that belongs to you, but no car, you should think about how to find a person who have nowhere to put their vehicles, and to conclude a mutually beneficial agreement.And, of course, this includes delivery of free housing.Moreover, this additional income is almost passive, especially if you find a reliable regular customers.</p> <h2> Sell skills </h2> <p> Are you good with computers?It may seem strange, but for many people the word "install Windows" still sounded scary.Why not help them and not get the extra money?If you are good at plumbing or electrical, device, bike, or even cutting trees - your customers are waiting for you.That is easy for you, someone may seem an impossible task.Bring people to benefit, and they will thank you financially.</p> <h2> Online earnings </h2> <p> regular extra income at home - it's not a dream, but a reality, together with the World Wide Web.The man with the standard employment from 8 to 17 hours is difficult to find a part time off-line, but if you have a computer you can work even during your lunch break, even in the evening or at night.</p> <p> most reliable and steady income online is freelance - distant work.On special markets you will be able to take a variety of tasks: writing articles, drawing logos, work on the manufacture or content sites, the creation of videos, photo retouching and more.Also, there are entrepreneurs and executives looking for a personal assistant, who performed them orders or coordinate routine tasks.</p> <p> At freelancing has its pitfalls.It is clear that you need to have valuable skills.Also, there is a lot of competition, such as specialists in the correction of errors in Java-code is much smaller than willing to write articles on the general theme or place ads on the Internet, here is a huge difference in pricing for the project.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> <div id="yandex_ad_R-70350-3"> </div> </div> <p> Also, do not rely on one-time freelancing as part time.For exchanges of great importance ranking artist, few assign tasks for beginners.Therefore, in the early stages you have to perform the lowest-paid orders, and only then, when you have feedback, you will be committing more serious projects.Then you will have a stable job, extra income and a good reputation.The growth opportunities are very impressive - until the transition to freelance as a main activity.</p> <h2> Safety </h2> <p> Avoid working outside the stock exchanges and without payment.Otherwise, you run the risk of never receive the money earned.It considered normal practice when the customer provides a low-paid small test job before selecting a specialist for permanent cooperation.But if you offer to perform the work for free, it is an occasion guard.There are quite a common pattern of fraud: the order is placed, for example, a large amount of text to be translated, and you are asked to translate part of it, to assess your competence.And so does everyone get the order.As a result, the customer receives the finished work, so no one and not the selected artist.</p> <p> course freelancing exchange take a percentage of your earnings, but they protect your interests: you know that the customer is able to pay for the work, and in the event of a dispute arbitration determines who is right.</p> <h2> General cleaning </h2> <p> No, we do not suggest you remove someone for the money (though it is also a very real way to get the extra money).Carefully stroll through their closets and mezzanine, and see things that you do not need, but they can be sold.It can be not only garments, but also the old technology, plants, books and even toys and Soviet postcards.</p> <p> Take quality photos and place them online on bulletin boards, thematic groups in social networks.It is not only the large "flea market", "market", but also more narrow interest groups.For example, if you want to sell a bicycle helmet, look at the community of cycling enthusiasts.As a rule, there is a section "Buy."</p> <p> look similar proposals to determine an adequate price.Think about how much you are willing to reduce the price if the buyer will be traded.</p> <h2> serious approach </h2> <p> Surprisingly, but even selling their stuff, you can get into the hands of fraudsters, and instead, to get additional income, lose their money.Became popular allegedly calls from potential buyers who offer to do an advance payment on your bank card and simultaneously elicit all the information about it, until the PIN-code.As much as it may sound absurd to many to celebrate, take that thing, do not hesitate to tell strangers all the data needed for account management.So when you are not interested in the thing, its size, condition, and just want to pay quickly and - most of all, it impostors.</p> <p> Beware of non-serious buyers.Many avoid prepayment and ask to send the goods on delivery.This is quite reasonable, but if the buyer does not take the package, it will come back to you, and you pay the shipping fee back and forth.So try to find out the attitude of the buyer, if he is not sure that he was taking a thing, please refrain from the transaction.</p> <h2> favorable work </h2> <p> Favorite hobby and getting additional income could be synonymous, if you know a good photograph.Browse through your pictures, select the best and start to sell them on the photo stock.Note that in the picture, which clearly shows the person's face, you need permission model, so limit yourself to begin with inanimate objects, animals, and so on. D. </p> <p> consider the needs of the market.Very popular are the beautiful pictures of food in the summer - fruits and vegetables, blank, winter - seasonal ornaments and snow-covered landscapes.High-quality images of architectural attractions also claimed the owners of sites on tourism.</p> <p> In addition, some photo stock selling is not only photos, but also vector graphics, so if you know how to paint, then use this talent to earn additional income from home.Here the same rules apply as for the images, but also quite popular elements for website design: buttons, icons, balloons, badges, "discount", "sale", and so on. D. </p> <h2> Sell learning </h2> <p> For example, if you are goodHell, then you have two ways to get an extra income: most to do drawings of schoolchildren or students, or give private lessons.English, music, and other school subjects - is the most popular sphere, but even the ability to beautifully knit or folding origami can also be sold as educational services.Tutoring can be switched on and offline and online employment.It is possible to teach students at home, and it is possible using the Skype Russian lessons give American students.</p> <p> If you have a business that you love and know well, try to organize their knowledge so that they are most useful for the neophyte, present them in the form of a book or video course - t. E. Information products and promote it online.Perhaps with this to start your full career as a trainer and expert.</p> <p> However, watch out for quality material.A simple reprinting of existing materials in the network is doomed to failure.Give people a truly useful product.</p> <h2> Craft </h2> <p> Another way to get extra money - it's handicrafts for sale.Knitting embroidered dolls, jewelry - handmade always valued highly.If you have friends sellers, you can attach your products to showcase real - if not, then you way to the flea market.In addition, create your community on social networks to promote the results of creativity and let the ads on Internet boards.Also think about working to order - this is somewhat more complex than the embodiment of a free flight of fancy in life, but you know that you will be the buyer.</p> <p> But do not forget that additional sources of income may become the only things really interesting, original and made with the soul.Often, even a perfectly executed, sophisticated handmade masterpieces without its highlights are gathering dust waiting for a new owner, while simple in execution, but non-trivial work go away within a few days.</p> <p> Explore the international market.There are large foreign websites that sell hendmeyd, and prices on the domestic much higher.But you have to understand the rules of international shipment and payment.</p> </div> </div>