How to become a millionaire from scratch?

How to become a millionaire from scratch, moreover, it is desirable to quickly?It's hard to find anyone who would not like.Like it or not, but money is not easily given - you have to think, to reflect, to carry out calculations and, of course, work.However, everything in our life is real, and a million - this is not the limit.

Chasing million

Many people are quite desperate, start looking for any ways to earn money.Such personalities like cheating cheaters who in bright colors speak of quick money and that a million a year - that is nonsense, and even for a month to earn this amount everyone can.But the promise mountains of gold is easy, but we need to understand where reality and where tales.But the people, "peck" on the bait, buy CDs with courses and video tutorials only wasting rather than earning.You just need to think about - because if it was so simple and universally, that one in three would have been rich.No, millionaires - people with completely unique mentality, which have a special character, skills and entrepreneurial spirit.And even if one person will act on the advice of a wealthy businessman, then he can not get anything, because it all depends on the individual.

Financial Tricks

But no need to be upset, because the question of how to become a millionaire from scratch, there are answers, albeit ambiguous.For example, one of the most popular ways to make money is to create passive income and the subsequent clearance under him credit.What does it mean?So, you need to create a little passive income (20 thousand or more), to register as an individual entrepreneur that is not so difficult, and arrange a bank loan.Under such a sum in the bank will give a million, and in installments over several years.To create a passive income you can take a property for rent - this is the most simple method.You can do network marketing, becoming a distributor.Good professionals earn in this several hundred thousand dollars in just one month!Several months later, the question of how to make the first million, will not be interested in the person receiving the money.


This method is suitable enterprising people.If a person has your asset (a site that makes a profit, or an account with the company engaged in network marketing), it can be sold.It will be very quick money.In fact, in the form of an asset may speak anything.How to calculate the amount you can get for the sale?It is calculated by the following scheme: a monthly passive income is multiplied by 24 (the number of months during which the asset will be repaid).For example, it looks like this: if a person receives from its business in a month 50 thousand rubles, the amount for which you can sell it, is equal to 1 200 000 rubles.It turns out even more than a million.

deal - as a step towards a million

impossible not to touch upon this subject, talking about how to become a millionaire from scratch.After all, you can earn a large sum in overnight, and several parts.Sometimes this requires the relevant circumstances.Viewed method would be ideal for those people who understand the subtleties of the functioning of business, are sociable and able to win.You can bargain for a large sum of (preferably a few million), from which people influenced her accomplishment, receive a percentage.For some agreements may even exceed the profit figure of one million.To do this, you need to find a major investor that would invest in any project, to find a buyer for the property or business.

By accumulating

But what if the above methods are not the best one?How to make a million a year in such a case?The main thing - do not despair.There are several techniques that can help achieve the desired goal.Financial experts recommend always, with any income set aside a small portion.So it will gradually develop the capital intended for investment.More desirable and increase that amount every time.By the way, these savings more and become so-called pillow financial security.This is because no one is immune from the risk of losing their jobs or suddenly lose something valuable.By the way, that's why financial experts recommend having multiple sources of income - it will also be of financial insurance.And more so it will make more money.Not necessarily at the same time to take up two jobs.You can rent a room in my apartment, for example, if there is such a possibility.It is also recommended to keep a record - record how much money has been spent and on what.Do not make large purchases.In short - we need to save.But then the amount that has been accumulated, will work for the welfare of its owner.After all, it will be possible to invest in the bank at interest in gold, real estate.And all this is a great source of passive income.

FK-Ramps - an example to follow

Stories millionaires from scratch made his fortune, always inspiring, and the creators of FK-Ramps - a clear example of this.They are young entrepreneurs Fedor and Alexander Tikhomirov Koksharov.The activity they started in 16 years - so they built their own zone, designed to improve the skills of skateboarders and rollerbladers.Then the guys did not think about how you can make money on it.They just loved the extreme, like many other young men, but the necessary sites in St. Petersburg was not.And Playground guys quickly became popular and attracted the attention of skaters and skateboarders.The young man began to address the huge number of applications for the manufacture of such training centers, and here's the result - today the company is organized by two young men, performing thousands of orders throughout Russia.And most importantly - a young man considering the millions who have fallen on them, just as a nice addition to their hobby.

Fashion - is on what you can earn

Stories of young millionaires are diverse and unique, but all of them are similar to one small but very important nuance - they created something new, unique and necessary.For example, Simon Kiba, who is just 24 years old, got the idea to start producing clothing with symbols of the university.It turned out that a large number of students are proud of his alma mater, and are willing to buy a hoodie or t-shirt with her name, to emphasize its identity.Simon said nothing invested in your business.And he made the first order, a sketch showing the customer, printed on paper.Now two years have passed.Kiba has 24 offices in different regions and a large number of universities, sports and social organizations in its partner base.

main thing - the idea

All young millionaires from scratch something started.From the above examples, we can conclude that the main thing in this case - the idea.As is known, the demand generates bid.Because, if you want to start your own business that will make a profit, you should start thinking.So ideas are born and after they are beginning to work its incarnation on its creator.The main thing - to offer people what they need.And then it will not have to seek answers to the question of how to become a millionaire from scratch.You will be able to tell others what to do this.