How to remove the background in "Photoshop" and create a space for imagination

Adobe Photoshop - Program simple and accessible to everyone, even not very experienced PC users.Learn how to apply it is easy, you just have to try several times.This article is written for "dummies", that is, those who are still unfamiliar with the great opportunities of this remarkable means of correction of digital images.

Why do I need to know how to remove background in "Photoshop"?

desire to improve the impression of excellent quality make a portrait can occur in any person.Good to "catch" angle, excellent sharpness, perfect color picture delight, but the background disappoint: Sad wall inappropriately a passing truck or someone's curious face spoil all impression.Or another situation: the owner of a modest avtomobilchika dreams of prestigious cars expensive brands, and wants to begin to visualize yourself standing near his black "BMW" or red "Ferrari".Dreaming of interplanetary travel boy sees himself near the spacecraft on the launch pad, and wants to have a home is a photo archive.Nothing is impossible, you can take a snapshot of any suitable, and understood how to clean up the background in "Photoshop" to establish a new, desired.Try this with the dog.

What will it take to correct the background

In the role of Asterisk, proteins or Arrows will perform regular Beetle sitting on laminate prose.Is it an image taken with a digital camera, or even a built-in cell phone cameras (they sometimes let you make enough high-quality images).The format of the image can be any location (page or landscape) does not matter.If the means of Adobe Photoshop is already installed on the computer, then the problem is simplified as much as possible, and if not, you should connect to the Internet and download it, or take the opportunity to use the program "Photoshop" online.Remove the background is not difficult, but the process will take a few minutes.Also free time need the right attitude (if you think that does not work, then so will) and a steady hand.


Thus, the program is, the picture is selected, and to start to connect these two indispensable member of any constructive work together.A photograph can be opened with Adobe Photoshop.The good modern software, so it is their clarity.Just roll over the selected image, press the right button and then you will see all the possible options of what you can do with it.We need to "Open with" and then - Adobe Photoshop.

There is another course of action.To remove the background in "Photoshop» CS5 (the most common currently version), you need to open the program itself (by double-clicking on its icon) and drag it from the folder you want the image on the gray box, which immediately afterwards appears surrounded by toolbars.

So, everything is ready - and the subject of labor and means of processing.It's time to get down to business.

draw the line and remove background

first tools that you need for work, called a "magic wand."A total of two, with the signs "+" and "-" it is in the left pane, and, accordingly, have green and red colors, like traffic lights.Mentally, the whole image can be divided into two parts: one that should leave and leaving, that is the background.The question of how to clean up the background in "Photoshop" is solved with the help of these sticks.When you tag a green outline rough silhouette of a dog (very roughly, what is called "without fanaticism"), we guarantee its safety after the image processing, and circling around the red line, we condemn in advance everything else on the ruthless obliteration.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake.Any action that led to undesirable consequences, you can easily cancel the simultaneous pressing Ctrl and Z. If you go back two or more steps, the same operation should be repeated a corresponding number of times.

Now everything is very simple, you should bring the "magic wand" for leaving the area and press the "delete".If there are some complications associated with the wrong definition of the boundaries of the facility because of their complex shape, correct result, you can use the eraser, located here, on the left pane.

The resulting image can be saved on a transparent background by selecting the "Create a file" the appropriate option.The result is stored in the format of PNG.

Now that you understand how to clean up the background in "Photoshop", you can, instead of the usual home floor, the dog sit on any surface, even on the moon or Mars.Fortunately, the images that can be used as a background, the Internet abound.