Help "form 9": where and why to take it?

Help "form of 9" - a paper on the desk.Often, people call it "the composition of the family", but it is not a precise definition.Let's find out what information to include help "form of 9", for what it is, where to get it and what it needs.

What information contained in document

Help "form of 9" contains information about all the persons registered in the living room, whether it be an apartment or private house.Sometimes it includes information about the people removed from the register.Topping the list is the owner of the property, stated his full name, and then alternately filled with rows and columns.They recorded the names and surname of each person registered in the room, their date of birth, date of registration (and expiration), related or otherwise communicate with the owner of the property.Indicated as a permanent residence or temporary.If the list includes persons removed from registration, sometimes added information about the reason for de-registration.Thus, from the information it is clear how many people had been prescribed for a specific address on the day of issue of the document, and thus legally could use this location.Next, in the form of 9 contains information about the apartment or the house itself: residential and the total area, number of rooms, type of ownership, and background information on the debt for utility payments.This is the complete list set out information, but in some cases the organization that issued the document, limited transfer of registered residents.

Validity of inquiries "form 9"

Legally, this paper does not have a statute of limitations, that is, the law does not specify how it operates.It is considered information from the current 9 form within 1 month from the date of issue.However, some companies, which should provide a document independently establish its validity from 10 to 14 calendar days.Therefore, if the reference "Form 9" you need a certain day, please contact her shortly before the required date.

Who is authorized to issue the document

Where to get help form 9?The Department of the universe and the registration of citizens on the location of the living space in the passport office, or ZhEKe.Service to issue certificates free of charge during a personal visit to the organization, which is authorized to issue registration information.In different regions of Russia, the system works differently, so before you apply for a certificate, specify the time of a particular organization and hours of the visitors.

What is needed for the preparation of Form 9

need such paper:

  • identity document (passport with a stamp on the registration for the apartment owner and any person therein prescribed).
  • duly executed power of attorney (confirmation powers of a natural person to act on behalf of third parties) and an identity document for the person who is not registered in that dwelling.

When you call a specialist to obtain information you will be given a certificate "form of 9".The form to fill in with your full name, passport number, address and date of registration of the request.Sometimes employees passport issued 9 to form an oral request to exclude workflow stage filling out the forms, because now all the work with computers, where all the necessary information.Certificate is issued immediately at the time of treatment.Only sometimes you have to sign it at the chief after confirming the absence of debts for utilities.

been denied to help

happens that the passport office or the front desk refuses to issue visitor form 9. This happens if the account owner has not paid fees for an apartment or a house (electricity, heating, hot and coldwater, etc.).

in either of the two possible situations (you received an oral refusal to issue the certificate, or you have given written confirmation of the deviation request) can appeal to the prosecutor, referring to Article 19.1 of the Administrative Code "arbitrariness".Employees of these organizations have no right to refuse to issue a certificate form 9 only on the basis of municipal debt.

What is "Form 9"

most common situation - the purchase and sale of real estate or resettlement of communal apartments.For example, if you sell an apartment, probably in the process of registration of documents will have to take the form of 9 several times.It is not too much for the customer requirement, because it is not as profitable to buy an apartment, which spelled out the unknown people who, as the owner can claim the part of the property.To avoid unpleasant surprises for both sides, such a measure, as the multiple handling of these documents is justified.

particularly important certificate of registration "form of 9" for resettlement communal apartments.It gives real information about what rooms are privatized, and which are not.Those who have not previously used the right of privatization, no problem will qualify for the new housing.If someone has already used this opportunity, it may encounter difficulties in the resettlement.

Other cases when you might need help form 9:

  • Requesting Social Security benefits for low-income families with children;
  • compensation for the payment of kindergarten;
  • if the apartment or house on a prescribed accounts for less than the footage, you can get in line for housing, it needs a "form of 9" (and not only);
  • as a reference on family composition for gas service (when the counter is not set, but will be charged for each registered).

important to know

All information contained in the certificate form 9, subject to the Federal Law № 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "On Personal Data".This means that information about the place of registration of another person without his consent, you can not.Experts and operators who have received personal data are required to distribute or disclose to third parties without the consent of the data subject, unless federal law provides otherwise.

If documents are needed to apply for benefits or other benefit for the whole family, and spouses are registered at different addresses, you will need to take the "form of 9" from each residence.

Sometimes the information contained in the document, we need to confirm the square footage of living space, as in 1998 changed the system of measurement for determining the amount of living space (to tenths, not hundredths square meters).Mark this should be done on the data sheet, but many citizens are left unnoticed and this fact is not correct information.

So we told how to get help form 9 and why it is needed.Let no bureaucratic difficulties do not spoil your life!