How to cook pancakes: recipe

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Many researchers believe that the first products prepared with flour, were just pancakes.Trace the history of their appearance could not be anyone, because they deepened its roots in a very distant past.Every nation on the planet, there are some of his methods of cooking pancakes, which are different in many ways.However, we are most interested in how the pancakes, the recipe of which is considered to be purely Slavic.Our pancakes are delicious, perfectly in tune with melted butter, jam, sour cream or condensed milk.And the attractive appearance, something resembling the sun, leaves no one indifferent.

Like pancakes: recipe first

favorite treat of many Slavic nations are yeast pancakes, they are traditionally prepared in a large quantity in the carnival, when the whole week preparing pancakes filled with different flavors and additions.Such delicacy gather around the table and the whole family pulls together.Pancake recipe there are so many, you can choose the most appropriate, which may become a favorite dish in your family.If we speak about the traditional yeast pancakes, it is worth mentioning that it will require a certain amount of effort from you, but the result will be exactly what everyone is waiting for.Pancakes are obtained lush and juicy.

to cook pancakes on this recipe, you will need: oil, sex - a liter of milk, salt, two eggs, sugar, dry yeast, butter, flour, two cups of water and four tablespoons of sour cream.First of all, you have to heat the milk, fill it with yeast.In a separate bowl beat the eggs with the sugar and salt, then add them to the milk, which was previously prepared.Stir everything with the utmost care, add the flour, should get the consistency test for oladushek.Remove the dough in a warm place to increase in volume.If we talk about how to cook pancakes, a recipe which is described here, it is necessary to say that you will have to boil two cups of water when the dough rises.The dough does not need to worry that it will not opal.Take the wooden spoon - it can help you knead the dough.Now you need to quickly pour the boiling water into the dough, then knead it until smooth.You can not re-add the boiling water, otherwise the dough will be curtailed.It is possible to add vegetable oil.In this test the cooking process is completed, you can fry the pancakes.This is usually done: a pan warmed just a couple of drops of vegetable oil, the middle bit pour dough to distribute it on the pan when it is toasted on one side, you need to flip the pancake and cook until ready.That's all that concerns how to bake pancakes.

Like pancakes: recipe second

Here the variant, in which you must get a beautiful delicate pancakes.They should not be sweet as sugar dough makes heavy, because of which the impact on the quality of the finished product.If you are interested in how to cook pancakes with milk, then here we go that's about it.You will need: three-quarters of a liter of milk, a spoon of yeast, two and a half cups of flour, sugar, salt, vegetable oil.For the test, two-thirds necessary to stir the milk with sugar, salt and yeast.Add the flour and make a batter.Leave it for an hour in a warm place.Then it is necessary to add the remains of milk, eggs, vegetable oil.Put it in a warm place for another 20 minutes.About readiness for frying pancakes says the appearance of bubbles in the dough.During frying it should be dialed from the bottom, without stirring.Fry the pancakes in the same way as always.The first pancakes fried in oil, and the rest do not require it, as the test is already available.

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