I want to love and be loved ... Tips to achieve the goal

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What makes a person happy and allows you to live in harmony with each other?Probably everyone will answer this question differently.After all, everyone has their own dreams and aspirations, but everything will be able to confirm that love is one of the fundamental pillars of our lives.We are social creatures, and therefore strive to gain the support and understanding, love and devotion.And many believe that life was created in order that we can assist and meet the needs of loved ones.But in reality, we are all unique and individual.Man was created for a happy life, which must first appreciate yourself!Surely every girl draws in their dreams the perfect image and repeats the mantra: "I want to love and be loved!"

Loneliness: Fact or far-fetched stereotype

Many ladies tend to dramatize the circumstances of life and see everything in dark colors.Comparing yourself with other women begin to "recruit" complexes and acquire fears.After all, someone always seems happy and attractive.And is this really the case?You can not judge a man without knowing it.She begins to make an attempt to get closer to the opposite sex and sometimes really can not fail.But this does not mean that it is doomed.

problem is in relation to the situation - the fanatical pursuit of the goal of defeat and failure lead to a deep depression.Do not get hung up, you must first understand yourself.What are you willing to do to your life "ran down" on another channel?It is necessary to begin to change the habitual attitude.How does this help?The answer is obvious - the phrase "I want to love and be loved," will cease to be an elusive goal for you!

love yourself

Our personality is made up of thousands of fragments that define our lives, attitudes toward themselves and others.And if a woman had once been told that she is not worthy of love, this stereotype is reflected throughout her life.Psychologists say that love - this is psycho-emotional reflection of the integrity of the individual.That is, all the senses are already within us.And when we meet a decent man, we share with them the emotions that originally had for himself.And here is the answer - if you've never loved myself, if you can give this feeling differently?Of course not!Man, a notorious and deeply "hurt" can not attract another.After all, like the man in search of someone who can trust.Did the lady, do not admire them, not appreciating his qualities, it can inspire?You must learn to express their emotions and love the delicate and hurt a person who lives inside you.Allow yourself to be free and open to the new and unknown.Know your soul, and then the phrase "I want to love and be loved," not become an obsession, and embodied in a new happy life.

Internal restrictions

Very often the girls themselves are programmed future failures.It is believed that they are not worthy of such a wonderful feeling, like love, loyalty.The ladies start to feel victims of circumstances and doom.By creating a close relationship, each time they ask themselves the question of whether they are worthy of the elect?Will it have something to come back or failure?

These men are drawn to women who feel their attitude toward themselves, behave with them just as a victim, can afford the cruel actions and betrayal.After all, it is worth it if she took such a situation.And when you repeat to yourself, "I want to be loved" - you do not believe it.Change your attitude towards life, stop feeling sorry for "the girl" in you.Be proud that you are unique.And only this behavior will make you attractive to the opposite sex.

Fear of pain and frustration of new

In every life there are setbacks and disappointments, but someone able to "climb" and move on, and someone feeds her pain on a daily basis.There is a whole drama in life, she constantly scrolls situation in which she had been deceived.In the end, it starts all over themselves to blame!Seeking reasons for the gap begins to be afraid to go through a new tragedy in his personal life.This situation leads to the fact that the lady is afraid to let the new person in your heart.

She thinks that in this way it protects itself from pain.Doubts overwhelm and subdue the will, a woman can start dating a guy, but at the first opportunity escapes and hides in a "shell."You say to yourself: "I want to favorite was close," - seeks out the cause but they accuse him of lying and treason.In such a situation it is necessary to forgive you offended person himself.It is not necessary to keep the anger and rage.The world is not perfect, as the people around you.So, maybe, stop out of the house?Allow yourself to live, begin to communicate more and to express their feelings openly.

No need to rush

Many girls are obsessed with the fear of loneliness.They fear not manage to find the one and begin to see it in any of the opposite sex.This obsession pushes for expression of their emotions in an aggressive manner.Its slogan becomes the expression "I want to love and be loved here and right now."Woman seeks to get a man in any way.She thinks that if he leaves, it will remain forever alone.

This situation leads to total control chosen.Constant talk about relationships, quarrel at the slightest pretext.Of course, such behavior repels men, they do not want to obey and do not want to be "conquered".Knights feel that you have already decided everything for him, and this is unacceptable.Everyone should have a choice.Naturally, these relationships lead to a rupture.No matter how trite it sounds, but you must fully release the situation to some extent even switch to other concerns.Creative's independent personality.It is women who are a little aloof attitude, very attract men.

Are you ready for love

Sometimes there is a situation that the girl is very committed to the relationship, dreaming about his chosen one, and when it comes to real romantic, understanding - she is not ready.Analyze the situation, if you can change your life, let it another person.Listen to yourself, how will you feel, and you will be able to make compromises for the sake of a loved one.Relationship - a complex interaction between two people, and to achieve harmony and understanding can only use daily and painstaking work.If you do not want to get rid of internal complexes and fears as you build a perfect relationship in which you will find happiness?So decide for yourself whether there is a magic phrase "I want to love and be loved" vital truth of life, or will remain in my dreams.

strive for a renewed sense of love and so naturally and beautifully.Love brings us happiness and security, gives harmony with the environment and pushes for great deeds.So why not help yourself and not try to cast away fear and unnecessary concerns?We know that failure to act to nothing lead.To realize his dream - and then you do not have a dream, and repeat in your mind: "I want to be wanted and loved," you will become a reality!