How to marinate the chicken for the oven or grill pork.

I experienced hostess and cook meat've not once.However, progress does not stand still, and creative chefs are constantly inventing something new.Perhaps there are still people who remember that before the issue of how to marinate the chicken for the oven, or pork barbecue was not.As a vinegar marinade served as a product of the most accessible and inexpensive.Today on the culinary Web sites you can find many tips for making pickles, the components of which are the most unexpected ingredients.I must say that there are options for a very, very interesting.It is their I selected for my little article about how to marinate the chicken for the oven.But first I want to give some professional advice on the preparation.

Any meat will be juicy and soft, when marinating to place it on 5 - 6 hours in mineral water or yogurt and then marinate.
longest marinated pork neck stand.The process can take from two to four hours.

beef brisket marinated for about two hours.For fillet is sufficiently one hour.Lamb chops ready for frying after half an hour.Turkey, duck and chicken legs marinated for a long time - about two hours.But for chicken wings and breasts quite twenty minutes.

Each meat marinade choose their form, which does not spoil the taste of the product, but rather complements it successfully.If you are interested in the question of how to pickle pork cooking, pay attention to the original recipe of the marinade with Coca-Cola.To beef is more suitable wine or beer marinade.Bird juicy and aromatic make mustard or tomato marinade.

plus meat marinade.The perfect combination.Beer marinade is best suited to the beef.For it will need 250, 2 tbsp.l.oil, cinnamon (ground), cloves (some heads), bay leaves and onions.

tender and flavorful and will beef in a wine marinade.It takes red onion, fresh garlic crushed, bell pepper, carrot, chopped slices, 250 ml.dry red wine, 2 tablespoons.l oil.

original lemonade marinade is perfect for pork.For him the need to Coca-Cola (300 ml.), Olive oil (mustard, corn) - 2 tbsp.l., soy sauce (2 tbsp. l.), orange, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčinto half rings with peel, leaves of fresh mint and a few stars of anise.

sharp little lovers, we can recommend another recipe marinade for pork.To prepare it, you need ready pickled ginger ('50), white wine (300 ml.), Oil (2 tbsp. L.), Stem leek (2 pcs.), A few peas black pepper.

And now a little about how to marinate the chicken for grilling.
original marinade for poultry meat can be prepared from 125 ml.balsamic vinegar, apple, thyme and basil.Do not forget to add a couple of spoonfuls of sunflower oil and spoon the sauce "Tabasco" for a tangy taste.

You can try this recipe.Spicy ketchup mixed with vegetable oil, shred onions, crushed garlic and olives (suitable also capers).For this recipe you can use tomato paste, but do not forget to add a little salt and pepper for a tangy taste.

And this versatile marinade suitable to any kind of meat or poultry.For him, you will need dry white wine (250 ml.) And olive oil (125 ml.), Lime and lemon, onion white and red pepper in grains.Oil, wine and juice of one lemon, mix, add slices of citrus fruits, peppers and onion rings.

Council as marinate the chicken for the oven, it is useful any hostess.The cookbook is a dish called "Chicken on - Italian."I have to say that this is one of my favorite recipes.Chicken becomes so delicious that I was not too lazy to run a pre-shopping to find all the necessary components.

need to prepare chicken.It is best suited chicken legs or wings.Breast, too, can marinate in this way.but the meat is somewhat dryish.On 4 pieces legs need a small bulb, any vegetable oil (3 tbsp. L.), Oranges and lemons on 1 piece, 0.5 cups of tomato juice, honey 2 tbsp.l., pepper, salt, sauce "Tabasco".

To begin prepare the marinade.Chopped onion lightly fry in oil, add the lemon juice and orange, honey, tomato juice and cook over low heat for 7-8 minutes, to taste the marinade has become more saturated.Season the sauce with salt and pepper.Make small incisions in the chicken legs and fill them with the marinade.Leave for a couple of hours, then bake in the oven.

I must say that all the tips on how to marinate the chicken for the oven and roast on the grill, perfect for barbecue.

If you cook the meat for a country picnic, but a special refrigerator for transportation you do not have culinary experiments is better to postpone until later.The best views of the marinade for the occasion will be the vinegar, as in any other environment harmful bacteria will multiply in the heat at high speed.