Rest in Montenegro: that it is important to know

Rest in Montenegro has become incredibly popular.Rest in Montenegro will remember you happy and carefree if you try to learn about the country and its orders in advance ...

If you are interested in history, be sure to visit the ancient capital of Montenegro - Cetinje museum city, founded in the XIII century.Around the city - the picturesque mountain on top of one of them - the Cetinje monastery, which houses embalmed hand of John the Baptist and the cross of the Savior.

Seeing the mountain monastery of Ostrog, many decide that he miraculously hanging in the air.In fact, it is carved into the rock at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.This - the most amazing sacred place in the world, attracts for more than 300 years, pilgrims of different religions from all over the land.And please note that the hotel Kolasin, Budva, Becici and other cities can organize any routes.

Biogradska Gora National Park is stunningly beautiful.Numerous lakes, ancient forests, mountains and valleys, streams and meadows ... The unique nature of those places touched the hearts of rulers in 1878, since these places were "Knyazhye ban."Animals that live in the park, a variety of different types: fallow deer, roe deer, bears, wild boars, deer ...

striking beauty of the largest lake in the Balkans - the Skadar - will not leave anyone indifferent.The diverse flora and fauna, scenic mountains, fishing villages, active monasteries, ancient fortresses, boating - is interested in everything.A trip to the Skadar Lake is an unforgettable experience.By the way, hotels in Herceg Novi and other cities are always organize routes here.

Activities for young people in Montenegro are very popular in the country camp for young people - this is an opportunity to go diving, golf, tennis programs combined with computer education, foreign languages.In general, a reasonable combination of recreation and further education.Comfortable accommodation, plenty of excursions, disco, festivals and carnivals, and much more - all this you will find in any youth camp.

not want to camp?Then you wait for the famous youth resort of Budva and Kotor in Montenegro.The main annual event of Budva - Mediterranean music festival.In addition, in the summer you can walk and have fun all night long: many bars, restaurants, night clubs attract young people from the surrounding towns and villages.

which can rightly be called the youth capital of Montenegro.Convenience restaurants, clubs, discos - at every step along the coast.

If you prefer active sports holiday - the town you are interested in Bar, Montenegro's largest port and famous resort, which is the center of diving.

A winter Montenegro will provide an opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding.The resort Zabljak happy to take on holiday tourists who are fond of skiing.

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