The motto in life - everyone has his own!

find some resounding phrase as an epigraph to his own life has become fashionable chip of our time.Internet is full of all sorts of quotes - from primitive bitchy to claim a serious depth.

What is the motto in life?

Like epigraph to school essay, concentrated in a single phrase the meaning of the whole work, one short motto in life can tell about the person more than the thousands of other words.Although analyze selected individual phrases not ethical (reminiscent of invading someone's personal space), but also to refrain from comment on that too easy.

motto - this particular sentence.In the past, it was applied to the shield or coat of arms.I agree that it is difficult to imagine a billboard, for example, a high school teacher or a coat of arms, such as kindergarten, but at the same time and the slogans, and other required.Today, the motto - this is kind of a brief summary.For example, it is possible for a long time to talk about any individual, but you can just play it the motto "Neither myself nor the people", after which everything will be clear.Without the loan does not do any one brand or one place of business.

Where did they all come from?

motto in life - it's filled with the best sense of the phrase.Quotes are pulled from the works of the classics ("It is better to die standing than live on your knees"), from religious sources ("Do not judge, ye be judged!"), Are the result of folklore ("Bute - run, give - take it!").

best motto in life to find her admirer, able to overcome a long way.For example, the phrase "We are not rich enough to buy cheap stuff!" Concentrates the experiences inhabitants of Albion.And sometimes aphorisms come up with quite ordinary people - our contemporaries, which is why these high-sounding phrases often as profanity!

Beautiful life motto

Among the catch phrase can be found in this beautiful aphorisms.For example, "What does not kill us makes us stronger."I agree with that everyone who has ever had a chance to overcome the tragedy of life.But not everyone knows that it is well-known expression belongs to Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher and the conclusion was confirmed by modern psychologists.They proved that migrated not very favorable developments may actually boost the resilience of the human psyche.People who experienced severe stress, further more resistant to emotional stress, they show a greater love for life compared with those with special tragedies never faced.

motto - the disclosure of the true nature of the person

Incidentally, the motto of human life can tell about its owner a lot.The phrase "Everything will be fine, and if it is bad, it is not with us!" Is the slogan for sure a great optimist."It is better to do and regret than not to do and regret!" - This saying is, no doubt, chose for himself a strong man, even desperate."It's better to burn strongly than slow smoldering!" - The motto of the potential hero.

way, anyone, even the controversial motto in life is good is the fact that at least makes us think.For example, optimism - a wonderful property, but life sometimes prepares surprises even optimists!Whether you cope with them someone who believes that the troubles and sorrows are intended solely for the other?The courage and determination - unconditional human dignity, but without the elementary common sense is unlikely someone will bring up good.So resounding statement that it is better to burn than to smolder in itself sounds pretty ambiguous: how many people are burned in the harsh vicissitudes of life, mindlessly lomyas ahead!And this aphorism will certainly liking to some vigorous selfish: "Never put off till tomorrow the things that I want to do now!After all, the desire and the possibility of tomorrow can not be matched! "Lovely conclusion, really!In contrast to it stands another popular slogan is "saved us, O Lord, of our desires!»

But I wonder what life motto choose for themselves strong men?Maybe they will tear doubt between "I see the goal - I do not see obstacles" and "War is war"?Perhaps they will fall by the way the motto: "My life - my rules!", "Do you want a holiday - do it yourself!"?Well, everyone lives as he can.Perhaps these life-affirming phrase really bring its owner the coveted victory.But it is not ruled out another option: "The Rich Also Cry" (reminiscent of a phrase from a popular movie).

philosophical mottos

experience and testing, sooner or later turn into any human philosophy that is reflected in its motto."The fate of no escape, and if you ran away, so no luck", "If something happens, then it was necessary to" - such phrases like trumps not only convinced fatalists.Still, even the most controversial of these "philosophical" stuff real sympathy: reflections on human destiny and their own actions always worthy of respect.

«Who wants to, he thinks about how to implement the goals, who do not want - looking for a reason", "Do what you must, come what may!" - The arguments of the same series.Incidentally, the last of them, they say, was once vychekaneno on knightly shields as a call to always act honorably and conscientiously.

Many statements are positive life-affirming character: "Never be frightened to do what you can not do.The Ark was built by an amateur, and "Titanic" - the professionals. "But there was a dark sense of humor: "Let destiny trample me, but I'll be watching, whether it would be a shame for it."

motto on the family theme

As one of the great, to marry a must: a failed marriage makes a man a philosopher, and successful - happy.Is it any wonder that the motto associated with family life, too philosophical?What are the application seasoned experience wives: "Trust your heart, but unfortunately, in the wrong hands," "I've got me.We can handle. "Secondly they and their husbands: "Life must be lived so that was a shame to tell, but it's nice to remember!".

motto in life for girls

biggest fans aphorisms are young representatives of the fair sex.What could be the motto in life for girls?Yes, absolutely anything!This sigh of unrequited love: "Once again, we were left alone - I and my naivete" and immodest "Being goddess is difficult, but I still get by," "We have to be very clever man to live all your life a fool."But in recent years become especially popular frazochki any bitchiness and even whole verses: "What I'm soft, I'm cheeky, then beat again on your nerves.I will wear a name tag: "Danger!Before you bitch! ".However, what surprised: Now bitches in high esteem!It is believed that only they are able to achieve much in life.This character trait in girls cultivated now as in the old days - the dignity and diligence.At the same time, however, forget that a career and happiness - are not synonymous.

And a little more about slogans

What should be the slogan of life, of course, everyone decides for himself.Yet there are a few catch phrase, which can be useful for any of us.Among them are: "Never judge a man by looking at his friends.Judas, they were perfect, "or" I do not need to be the right person, you have to be real! "And in difficult moments, everyone is obliged himself to say:" As long as I breathe - I hope! »