Reviews of "Finance and Credit" Customer Comments

Starting study reviews of the bank, "Finance and credit", we should start with a little background.Financial institutions started to exist June 19, 1990.Initially the institution was officially registered by the USSR State Bank as the Ukrainian Commercial Bank of business cooperation.Within five years, 13 October 1995, the Institute acquired its current name and became a commercial bank, "Finance and Credit."

history activities

The authorized capital of the bank in 2006 was equivalent to two billion hryvnia.In 2007, the organization has acquired a new form of ownership and became a limited liability company.In July 2011, it was decided to increase the authorized capital of a financial institution for 200 million hryvnia.In 2009, the institution had the status of a joint stock company, and its head was Vladimir Khlyvnyuk, who was known as a leading top leader of the Ukrainian banking sector.

Over the long history of the ratings of the bank, "Finance and credit" left a good impression about the institution, since it properly to fulfill its obligations.The perfect proof - assessment in 2011 by the rating agency "Credit-rating" is assigned to the establishment of the level of investment grade uaBBB.The forecast was stable.By February 2012 the volume of assets of the Institute amounted to 22,877,292 billion hryvnia.

distinguished history and participation in global associations

Back in mid-2014 of its excellent reputation could be proud of the financial institution, "Finance and Credit."Banking partners supported his colleague, as he is superb, and the main thing professionally and systematically carried out its obligations.By providing services to individuals and legal entities, he played a member of the Association of Ukrainian banks and was a member of the Ukrainian Stock Exchange PFTS and Kyiv Bank Union.

There was membership in such well-known international systems such as VISA International and MasterCard International, Western Union, PARD and AVERS.The size of the regulatory capital of the institution concerned to the first group of banks.The shareholders of the institution previously, and now remain of "Ascania" (45.92%) and PJSC «F & amp; C Realty» (41,58% of shares).The main beneficiaries are the Ukrainian businessman and lawmaker Konstantin V. Zhevago.

financial environment at the bank

Despite the fact that the financial institution continues to operate, reviews about the bank, "Finance and Credit", which more and more often with a negative tinge, indicate the opposite situation.In accordance with the organization's financial performance in March 2015, its assets are equal to 41,470,386 hryvnia.The amount of liabilities is 39,183,614 hryvnia, and shareholders' equity stood at a figure of 2,286,773 hryvnia.Thinking makes only the amount of net income, which according to the latest information was minus 715 777 hryvnia.

first messengers of misfortune

first reviews of the bank, "Finance and Credit", which sounded information about refusing a financial institution of its obligations under the Deposit Agreement, began to appear in early 2015.Customers of the bank did not immediately react to the dire situation, relying on the fact that the dollar, sharply increased at the time, forced many organizations from the financial sector to review its policy activities.

By February 2015 the number of people dissatisfied with the work of the bank increased by tens or even hundreds of times.Single cases have become a systematic phenomenon.If initially people were saying that the bank simply delays the payment of deposits for several months, or offering rollover on favorable terms, now just frozen payments and financial institution officials say the lack of cash.

What is the complexity of the situation?

It's no secret that some problems due to the world economic situation faced by many financial institutions of Ukraine.Some of them are officially declared bankruptcy, while others were simply deprived of license.With regard to this situation, we can say that the department of "Finance and Credit" is partially closed down across the country.The financial institution as a result of the conflict with Russia has lost quite a lot of money due to rupture of partnerships with investors from Moscow and the Moscow region.

His contribution to the situation made a big outflow of capital due to panic among the customers who have tried to quickly withdraw their funds from the organization.At the moment, though the bank did not fulfill its obligations in the minimum amount, its management said that the situation will stabilize soon.And the National Bank is in no hurry to send the organization a curator, as he financially supports the establishment.

rallies and mass discontent

bankruptcy of the bank "Finances and Credit", in the opinion of many of his customers, is not far off.A large percentage of people say that before the start of the liquidation procedure is six months to one year.Himself the beneficiary institutions and Ukrainian deputy Zhevago openly declares that the financial institution is not experiencing any problems and the threat of irreversible effects is not.What remains unsatisfied customers, and remains a mystery.People who do not see their contributions to the original terms, collect and organize rallies and protests.Events are held with the involvement of the media, not only near the National Bank of Ukraine in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine.

Unprecedented rudeness

Besides the fact that all deposits bank, "Finance and credit" were frozen and inaccessible to their owners, many people are talking about rudeness on the part of the organization.Systematically there are reports that the offices could not give an exact answer to any of the issues relating to payments.There are data on the surface with respect to the people who are trying to regain their legitimate deposits.Complete disregard for customers - that's not the worst, according to numerous reviews.

not pass transfers

Besides the fact that the NBU has not yet formally recognized the bankruptcy of the bank "Finances and Credit" and has not entered into a temporary administration to this method to resolve the situation with investors, according to customers, with the institute are found something else-What sins.Thus, according to the more than one dozen deceived citizens who leave their reviews on the Internet, the bank takes the remittances, but does not make them.Some customers say that's not fair runs an institution like a bank, "Finance and Credit."Translations business partners have issued, but the money to the recipient for some reason did not reach.Moreover, they have not been returned to its owner.The result - the loss of lucrative foreign partners and losses in his business.

What happens to the Internet bank?

As with any other major financial institutions in Ukraine, as part of company-operated Internet Bank "Finance and Credit."Previously, he was a useful tool for the distribution of financial flows of each client.Transfer of funds, payment of utility bills, monitor accounts and much more was available for the project.Today everything has changed dramatically, and the positive feedback about the service completely changed outrage customers.

According to numerous commentaries, online bank "Finance and Credit" is now almost completely works.If unable to log into your personal account, this occurs after repeated attempts.People say that today, this service is completely useless, since all the functionals are in working order.Customers write that through the online service it is not even possible to check the balance on the cards, as no information on them is not reflected.

What does Zhevago and how his words true?

Zhevago From official statements became known that the position of the bank, "Finance and Credit" is now satisfactory.He openly stated that the problems are not out of the question, on the contrary, the financial institution is developing successfully.The main shareholder insists that the organization now provides services to numerous number of flagship industry, which is constantly increasing volume of their production.This becomes the basis of the economic impetus for development in the future.

owner of the bank, "Finance and Credit" openly says that the financial institution consistently outstanding contribution to its customers subject to the restrictions that were imposed NBU.Are described the deputy Zhevago information is true, to judge is very problematic, since many customer reviews with indignation suggest otherwise.To say more, some of the media leaked information that matters at the deputy in the business are not going so well, he says.According to the audit report of the company «Ferrexpo», the bondholders received an offer to restructure debt.It only indicates a high probability of default Ukrainian oligarch.

not save even refinance

disseminate information that the institute of "Finance and Credit" refused to partner banks with the first problem.Certain difficulties arise when trying to obtain refinancing from the NBU.Liquidity problems that occurred in the period from December 2014 to January 2015, to eliminate immediately failed.The first bank to support from the department Gontareva was provided only to the middle of February in the amount of 700 million hryvnia.In March of 2015 received the information about the next refinancing in the amount of 276 million hryvnia, and a little later - 750 million hryvnia.

Repeated injections of capital did not bring the desired effect due to large outflows.The deposit portfolio from the date of the onset of problems and prior to the first stabilization loan from the NBU, decreased by 18.5 billion hryvnia, and by the end of June of the financial institution took another 16.5 billion hryvnia.According to information provided by the magazine «Forbes», to the end of June, investors managed to win about 400 lawsuits against the bank, according to which he is obliged to pay money to its customers.

unexpected turn of events and summarizing

Despite the fact that many of the bank's customers are in the hands of the court decision, according to which the financial institution must pay the debts, they still can not get their deposits.The problem is that the executive Service refuses to take action in connection with the decision of the Kiev District Administrative Court.Recall that the judge Balaklitsky granted the request, according to which the executive service, and any authorities, rights holders, represented by the National Bank and its territorial control, including financial institutions such as "Ukreximbank", "Pravex-Bank", "Uksotsbank" and"Citibank", deprived of the right to carry out any action on the imposition and execution of the arrests from the accounts of the bank, "Finance and Credit."

Many customers assume that the owner of the bank, "Finance and Credit" trying to keep it afloat all the forces, including at the expense of investors.There is information that some depositors have received offers, according to which they are willing to issue on his hands 50 percent of the deposit, but on condition that the second half would remain within the financial institution.Judge and talk about how truthful the information from the media and customer reviews, problematic.It is necessary to monitor the situation and make appropriate conclusions on the fact of the event.