We follow the appearance in childhood, or how to be beautiful in 10 years

How do I look?I go this suit?Is it too I'm fat?These questions related to their own appearance, concerned about each person.Particularly relevant they are in the transition to adulthood.At this time the body changes dramatically, hormonal storms adversely affect the skin and hair, and against the background of all these misfortunes even yesterday's children perceive even highly critical of his lack of the slightest.Self-doubt leads to internal dissatisfaction, and even zakompleksovannosti number of psychological disorders.

When you start growing up

Scientists have conducted many studies on the beginning of puberty in modern teenagers.It is proved that it now occurs on average 2-3 years earlier than half a century ago.If in the seventies the development of genitalia in boys began in 11-12 years, and the hair at 13, then the modern teenager these processes begin from the age of nine.

For this reason, own appearance begins to excite young people early enough.Questions about how to become beautiful in 10 years, raised by many.

Clean - the guarantee of health

Handsome man in the first place tidy.Follow the simple rules of hygiene should be mandatory.Do not forget about the daily shower with a mandatory change of clothes.After the body grows and the skin is no longer smells like a child.

Do not opt ​​for a more comfortable temperature of water.Douches - the best answer to the question of how to become beautiful in 10 years.

skin, hair and nails

In adolescence, they fed more often.And, as luck would have it, that the facial skin is the most capricious.Pimples, acne, excessive oiliness, dry chapped lips.And how to be beautiful in 10 years with such cosmetic problems?

Fortunately, modern cosmetic companies produce the whole range of products for skin care and body, specifically designed for teenage skin.With daily use of their negative effects will be over.

Hair and nails should always be clean and neatly trimmed.Many teenagers incline your choice in favor of ethnic fashionable hairstyles.Perhaps they are right.After all, self-confidence, satisfaction with their appearance - the main response to the question of how to become beautiful in 10 years.Boy, you can choose a neat short dreadlocks and girl in a hairdressing salon also offers African braids.The main thing - tidy and well-seasoned general style.

Beautiful body

How to be beautiful in 10 years?First of all the beauty of this age means health.After all, pale skinny teen or, on the contrary, a fat man with a shortness of breath is not associated with the standards of beauty and youth.Absolutely all ten boys and girls need to play sports.

How and when to exercise, everyone chooses their own.Preference is given to the most comfortable sport.Then, in addition to excellent posture, slim and toned figure, young people will get even great moral satisfaction.You can engage in fitness, dancing, jogging in the morning.This pastime not only give useful work the muscles, but also helps to get a lot of new interesting acquaintances.

And of course, do not forget about proper, wholesome food.For the growing organism it is very important to get the necessary daily rate of protein, vitamins and minerals.The diet must be present meat, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.But from the fast food, soda and chips is completely abandoned.

In conclusion, I must say that the answer to the question of how to become beautiful in 10 years, would not be complete if you do not touch the inner world of the teenager.After all, the beauty of the inside has a very large impact on the impression the people at the meeting.Of course, few of yesterday's children can boast a high level of intelligence and well-organized speech, but this is what one should aspire.