The structure of the hair

Considering the structure of a human hair, are three types of hair:

- germs (prenatal);

- pushkovye;

- intermedia (transition);

- bristly and long (terminal).

Vellus and germs have no pigment.They are formed in the womb.Before the birth of the transition appear pigmented hair.During the first three years of the child's body covered with bright, soft vellus hairs.By the transition to adulthood, they become more demanding, begins to grow into the groin, armpits, men - body and face.Bristly hairs develop on the eyelids, eyebrows, nostrils.Scalp represented all types.

structure of the hair follicle includes and core.The roots extend from the adipose subcutaneous tissue through the dermis to the epidermis.At the initial stage of growth of hair is located in the dermis.The root is represented by a thickened root, is located within the follicle.

hair structure allows it to grow continuously, transforming gradually into keratin and moving outward in the form of thread.The growth rate per day is approximately from 0.2 to 0.4 mm per day.

structure includes hair dermal papilla, through which the power of the circulatory system.

follicle and the bulb can be lost due to physical impact and influence of toxic components which fall outside the root with a secret, produced by the sebaceous glands.

rod rises above the skin.The structure of the hair in this part is represented by three layers.

Outdoor (cuticle) provides a protective function.The structure of the hair in this thin layer of cells is presented in the form of flakes which overlap each other.When the scales are accurate and fit snugly, hair soft, silky.If you are in the cuticle damage (chemical or physical), they (the hair) start to get confused, become brittle, lose their luster.

middle layer called fibrous.It is composed of keratin fibers.This layer is considered to be the basic structure of the hair, as it is carried out chemical processes (with perms, coloring).

third layer is a hollow tube.Not putting on any of the processes have no effect, it is missing in many people.

full cycle of formation full of hair consists of three phases: anagen, telogen, catagen.

The first stage is an active cell division - mitosis.Thus, new cells formed by the hair shaft is formed melanin (pigment).The last component, including once in the structure provides color.The stage of active growth lasts from two to seven years.

In the next phase (catagen stage) in the cells stop dividing and hair growth.Pigment while also finishes the formation.At this stage the follicle begins to decrease, onion - to move to the epidermis.This phase lasts for several weeks.

last stage of formation lasts for about three months.In the telogen phase of the hair growth stops completely, the follicle goes into a state of rest.In this phase, the hair comb can be easily removed, or simply fall out.It can push the loss and the formation of a new thread.Getting active growth takes place in the same follicle.Because it can grow about twenty to thirty new hair.

All of the above phases occur daily.Some people are born hair, grow, fall faster than others.The average number of follicles on the head of a person is about 100 thousand.Thus about 10% of them are in a dormant state.

The hair contains mostly keratin.They also present, and some water, mineral components contained in the body.

To keep hair healthy enough only use special shampoos, masks and balms.For their formation is needed, and rich in protein, vitamins, iodine, iron and other components of food.