What is better - or laminate flooring in the kitchen?

selection feature flooring in a private house or apartment is the need of its finish for each zone.Invariably, the question arises, what is better: parquet or laminate?This is because, for example, in the bedroom and the kitchen floor fall entirely different loads and different operating conditions and design requirements.And if in the bedroom, you can use any coating, including the expensive delicate carpets, the kitchen, hallway and even the living room, there are many restrictions.Therefore, the question of which is better - or laminate flooring for many is important.

most popular options today are laminate and linoleum.Last known to us for several decades, but the laminate, despite the fact that the first year is quite a known material floor finishes, many still raises questions.And linoleum today is very different from its ancestor the Soviet era and its different species have different properties from each other and can also be used for different areas of the apartment.This article will try to understand what is better: laminate, linoleum flooring?


Those who decided to stay at the choice of this material is available with several recommendations:

  1. Linoleum, referring to the category of "home" is the most simple and unpretentious budget option.It is designed for a relatively moderate load fast enough (in comparison with the more qualitative categories) loses its appearance, especially if the apartment or house is home to a lot of people.
  2. Semi-commercial linoleum differs from most domestic practicality, resistance to stress and long-term durability.It can be used not only in living rooms, but too heavy load, for example, in an organization with a very high permeability, it is also time to begin to lose their external qualities.
  3. surest - Linoleum, it usually lay there where permeability per day may be several hundred or even more.But for use in the apartment and enough semi-commercial, and even then only if the owners want to have a reserve life of such coatings.

close look at the characteristics of the above-mentioned materials will help to answer that better in the apartment: parquet or laminate or linoleum.

Benefits linoleum

main advantage of linoleum can be called that since his appearance qualities such as simplicity, reliability and durability, have not disappeared.He is familiar to all of us since childhood, and rarely raises questions or problems with the repair.But this can be attributed to the shortcomings - many he is simply tired, I want to finish the floor with something more modern and technologically advanced.

should be noted other positive qualities of the material.

  1. main advantage - price.Linoleum inexpensive, especially domestic and semi-commercial, and allow it to itself may all categories of consumers.
  2. plank He easily and requires no special skills or knowledge.Put it would anyone who has enough power in his hands.
  3. low thermal conductivity.Linoleum floors almost never cold, even at low temperature in the room.
  4. Reduced noise and footsteps.
  5. material does not slip.This makes it a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as in these rooms the floor is often wet.
  6. wide selection of colors and imitations of other materials.Because of this linoleum can choose any style of interior.

guided, by the way, it is possible not only to study the positive and negative qualities of materials.What else will help answer the question before us (linoleum, parquet or laminate: what better)?Photos provided by the World Wide Web and in this article will demonstrate the cover clearly.

Disadvantages of linoleum

the downside of this material include the following qualities:

  1. Linoleum pressed under the weight of the furniture, particularly in areas where cabinets and sofas are the years without having to move.
  2. Cheap brand linoleum susceptible to extreme temperatures, especially high.Even under the influence of boiling water a material can skukozhilas and swell.Therefore, the kitchen is better to choose the more expensive and high-quality options.
  3. appearance.This feature is both an advantage and a disadvantage.Whatever the quality of the linoleum was, except for the most expensive luxury brands it is always visible to the naked eye that it is an imitation, not a laminate, not stone, and certainly not parquet.
  4. Wear.The cheaper linoleum, the faster it will lose an attractive appearance, though the web can be a whole for many years and even decades.

Comparing what is best - parquet or laminate or linoleum, you should definitely mention another important point.Linoleum - this is a great floor for those people who do not tend to their apartment or house look prestigious and expensive.The quality, appearance and price of modern grades of the material presented in the optimum combination, so it is an excellent solution and a limited budget for repair.


To answer the question of interest (parquet or laminate: what is best), it is necessary to consider some operational characteristics.

laminate often also called laminated floors, but this is the wrong comparison, since the flooring is made of natural wood, and laminate - it is still a synthetic material, though of high quality.

It consists of several layers - substrate MDF or particle board, decorative layer, giving coloring and a protective resin (laminate).

this material is divided into several classes in the parameter of wear resistance, so for apartments and public needs laminate is selected in accordance with the parameter.

interesting quality is the moisture resistance of the laminate.He has a special protective layer that can withstand even strong wetting, so it's perfect for kitchens and other wet areas of the apartment or house.However, to remove the puddle I need to have time for two hours, or bulges to the floor anyway.

Coloring laminate, as in the case of linoleum can be both monotonous and constitute an imitation of parquet and plank floor.Laminating a protective layer is glossy, matte and structured, reinforcing imitation boards.

Cons laminate coating

A disadvantages of this material is.And they are as follows:

  1. For wet areas need to buy special grade laminate.Usually in such conditions it will last no longer than five years, and the quality and appearance will start to lose even earlier.
  2. sensitive top layer.The polymer, which protects the foundation boards, easy to damage, dropping a heavy object.Ruinous may be any other strong physical impact.
  3. Frequent cleaning and improper care may lead to the appearance of spots on the surface of the coating.Get rid of them in the future will be impossible.
  4. Even in full compliance with the technology of laying laminate flooring over time begins to creak as the joints plates gradually become clogged with dust and debris that leads to loosening and the general deterioration of the floor.
  5. flooded not protected from moisture laminate flooring is almost always necessary to change to a new, as it comes in complete disrepair.

Pros laminate

such advantages should be noted:

  • more affordable price than the tiles and parquet;
  • selection of colors and high-quality imitation;
  • simple installation: the laminate is laid using locks at the ends of boards, it should not be glued to the floor, or just spread over the entire width, as linoleum.

summarize the arguments that it is better - parquet or laminate, it is possible to say that the latter option for those owners, whose families do not have children or pets that may spill water, scratch or even somehow spoil the coating duringgames or negligently.Laminate flooring requires sufficient accuracy and careful treatment, so those who do not want to think of flooring materials after installation, better to choose linoleum.But in general it is quite stylish and beautiful cover, particularly glossy.

Compare laminate and linoleum

comparison is considered the most important quality of the materials and match them.

  1. cleaning.Linoleum can be washed with plenty of water at least every day.In the case of laminate cleaning requires compliance with a set of rules and can not be carried out frequently.
  2. Lifetime.Even household linoleum will serve much longer than laminate.
  3. Fire safety.Both species are combustible materials, linoleum but yet is more resistant to combustion activity.
  4. Soundproofing.Linoleum reduces both noise from steps on it, and coming from the neighbors below.Laminate do not have such qualities and can even transmit sound from the top steps of the neighbors.
  5. resistance to mechanical stress.Laminate perfectly withstand constant pressure from furniture legs, heels and similar items, but not resistant to harsh and strong impact.In the case of linoleum opposite.
  6. appearance.The laminate has a presentable appearance and in some cases it can even be confused with the floorboard.While linoleum can be seen immediately, no matter how expensive it is.

In evaluating these materials, it becomes apparent that the linoleum is more practical, while the laminate is more attractive in appearance.

What is different from laminate flooring?What's better?

On the floor should be treated separately, as it relates to the coating of premium and is much more expensive than the high-quality laminate.Parquet - is primarily a natural tree that speaks for itself.Despite this, it has its disadvantages.

  1. require certain temperature conditions to preserve the original appearance.
  2. complex care.Washing and cleaning of flooring require the use of a variety of special funds, and the process is more time-consuming than in the case of the laminate.
  3. Instability damage.Heels, walking sticks, chair legs - all this affects the upper layer parquet, which leads to a strong deterioration of the appearance.

Parquet, like laminate material is impractical, requiring compliance with the set conditions and complex care.Therefore, the choice it is worth stopping in the event that the level of repair and the appearance of the floor are more important than practicality and durability.

Benefits parquet

To analyze the question of parquet or laminate - which is better, it is necessary to consider separately the advantages of the first type of coating.The advantages of this material may be called following his qualities:

  1. parquet or floorboard can be restored on site, without removing the entire cover.In the case of damage to individual plates they can also be replaced.
  2. Parquet, as it should be natural wood, very warm, so bare feet will be more comfortable and more pleasant to walk on the parquet floor, than laminate or linoleum.
  3. To understand that better, or laminate flooring in the kitchen, consider the resistance to moisture.Like any other board, parquet resistant to short-term exposure to large amounts of water.Therefore, if the time to wipe the spilled liquid, no effects will be.In that the materials in question are similar.
  4. Environmental cleanliness.This option is particularly important if a family has children or adults with poor health and chronic illnesses or allergies.
  5. appearance.Parquet belongs to the elite coating, so its appearance can not be compared with the laminate, winning on all counts.


Which is better: parquet or laminate?Reviews say that in general, the materials are similar, but flooring has a presentable appearance and much more.

Regarding the linoleum, it is more practical, but has a low price and inexpensive form, so is an excellent budget option.But this material is characterized by a wide variety of colors and designs, so it is suitable for those who prefer a patterned coating.