To survive in the women's team.

is very likely that the principle of "every creature on the pair" should be extended to offices.Lonely woman in a harsh men's team do not always feel comfortable.A male traveler accidentally wandered into the female flower, can go crazy with happiness halts.

However, the worst thing happens to the lady at work has fallen into the clutches of a ruthless purely female team.It is distinguished by the severity of the climate and the similarity to the terrarium.Hiss behind, predatory eyes, long tongues and feeling that is about to'll eat.However, a man with affectionate indulgence is called a collective chicken coop - apparently because of the sounds coming from the women's room.

relationship between like-minded men and women develop differently.Men are more restrained and careful, they will open their soul is not for everyone and not at once.Therefore, the relationship between the male colleagues are developing slowly, and they are not as bright as in women.

But the women quickly find the total mass - they have no time, they were in a hurry to share news and tell about their everyday concerns and give advice.What might be the work of Svetka when from a neighboring department left her husband!Vaughn walks beside herself ... a rare man inspire this kind of information.

finding common points, and they are many - new husband, pregnancy, favorite store or diseased teeth - women begin to make friends and share wrenching soul inside out.Such candor is not always resonates, and the real war begins, which often involved other colleagues.

Technology survival

If you do not like the others, then you are an alien and dangerous to treat you will be extremely wary.And given the high emotions inherent in the weaker sex, women's office is more susceptible to the general mood.

therefore keep the golden mean - the main principle of survival in it.If you need to smoothly integrate into the new team and, most importantly, stay there for a long time, be with the team, be closer to the people.

1. Do not be too happy. least does not look like that.If you earn the respect of the men's office by means of professionalism and success in some areas of the world women's professional achievements are not important.

The more you are happy and successful, the less likely that you'll be mine.And if you have no problem - you're a stranger.Like this: we all have, and you do not?But do not go to the other extreme - to be deeply unhappy, too, can not, it's overkill.Pity, of course, will be, but you will strain.

2. Do not wear too much. No less caution should be the choice of clothing.Honey, a bright clothing can cause internal protest colleagues.If a neighbor around the office, which remained silent for months, suddenly, smiling unctuously, notices that you have a beautiful suit - look carefully: perhaps her clenched fists or right eye twitches.Pity the person - is not informed her that this costume you bought beloved husband during a trip to Italy.It is worth noting that if you are clothed in jeans and a gray sweater with a spool, to gossip about you will be slightly less.Well, are you sure its not going to - because you dress like a scarecrow!

3. be generous. tea biscuits to all and personal birthday gift can soften even the most evil and unsatisfied women.Believe me, the money spent will be compensated - people like to be treated and attended to.Gaining a place under the sun, you can actively use it.

4. Be prepared for a very personal question. Where does your husband, how often you have sex and what your menstrual cycle?It is worth noting that there, where you came, all the same menstrual cycle, all rarely have sex, but everyone knows how whose husband earns.Red, invent what you want, but the answer.To avoid answering, require considerable skill: Listen first, they say your neighbor, and then answer.If you're like most, it will soon become uninteresting special and will be restrained from you.

5. comfortable with the advice. If you like to tell stories of life, be good to listen to advice.There will be many, they will be abundant as tropical storms, and contradictory as the recommendations of Feng Shui.Do not try to argue - a dispute only whet the ladies are tired of their own experience.Therefore, in response you hear lot of instructive stories, characters who can be anyone - from mother-to Tina Kandelaki.Turn off your brain for a while tearjerker, but do not stop nodding.If you feel that the situation is approaching a point at, at all Wali boss - two hours if not do what was ordered, it will tear off your head!

Women at work, besides the morning canine may for one reason only - the problems in his personal life.

6. not involved in the conflict. pigweed Ivanna previously friends with Lucy, and then learned that Lucy Tanya tells all the secrets that pigweed Ivanna can not stand.Since then, Lucy - the number one enemy, and you actively urge to take sides.Stay away from the barricade, it's better to pass a workaholic, always buried in your computer, you become the enemy, no matter whose - Lyuska or pigweed Ivanna.

7. not gossip about the boss. But it is better not to gossip.Friendship against someone, of course, labor rallies women's team, but let them make friends without you.Let me know you're thoughts are with them, but still, until lunch, the store escapes.After all, the relationship between women develop very quickly, do not have time to look back, like a good friend turns into a desperate scheming.And become the enemy of the authorities - is more serious than Lyuska.

8. listen more, talk less. know why your colleague know that you had a fight with her lover?As much neutral topics of conversation: the neighbors, the weather, the new recipe.Do not rush - after six months, when you learn about all new things, you make a decision, just say hello to someone and share with anyone sore.But attention to the lives of colleagues will be good for you - learn from pigweed Ivanna as health grandson, ask Svetka, where she bought a gorgeous dress.In a virtual column "dignity" office ladies put your little plus.

Well, if your women's team is peace and quiet broken only by the good news, who generously share counterparts.But if it is not, do not rush to change jobs - can survive among predators.When it becomes unbearable, ask the boss a couple of men.In their presence, even treacherous shrew become good-natured fairies.

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