Smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5": reviews, specifications, configuration, firmware

ASUS Company is among the most recognized in Russia and in the world of brands, manufacturers of mobile electronics.The company supplies the market with high quality, stylish and multi-functional devices.To those include the smartphone Asus Zenfone 5. What is remarkable this product?What do the owners upon receipt of experience to use it?


first aspect in which we can explore, "Asus Zenfon 5" - characteristics.Among the key:

  • processor Intel Atom Z2560 dual-core 1.6 GHz, equipped with accelerator PowerVR SGX544MP2;
  • operating system Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean, the shell is present ZenUI;
  • display of 5 inches, resolution - 1280 by 720 pixels (type HD), made by technology IPS, equipped with glass Gorilla Glass 3, displays 16 million. Colors;
  • RAM - 2 GB;
  • built-in flash memory of 16 GB, you can install additional modules microSD;
  • Communications: Cable USB 2.0, Bluetooth version 4, Wi-Fi;
  • 2110 mAh battery.

available to the user, according to the characteristics given in sufficient measure performance and manufacturability smartphone.But you share that view themselves fans of mobile gadgets?

Features: user reviews

According to some users, the frequency of 1.6 GHz is not enough to perform advanced tasks.However, in this case the decisive role played by the other - technology chip Atom Z2560.The specifics of this chip is the ability of a relatively low frequency to quickly process 3D-graphics.Thus, the processor in this case - the high capacity factor smartphone.

Regarding other characteristics, users generally rate them quite positively.This is not surprising, because the device is equipped with HD-display, made of modern technology, very competitive rates for RAM and flash memory, and supports the main communication standards.

general opinion about the characteristics of users devaysa we learned.Let us now consider the specifics of the design of the device.


Phone 'Asus Zenfon 5 "has a plastic housing.It may be noted that it is present as a small metal part - at the bottom.Among other notable designs implemented in the device, it is possible to note accommodation audioslota 3.5 mm at the top of the housing.Connectors for SIM-cards are located under the back cover of the device.Despite the relatively large thickness devaysa, its design makes it visually very compact smartphone.

What is "Asus Zenfon 5"?Photo device is presented below.

The design of the enclosure there is no express sharp angles, the device looks pretty strictly and solidly.The whole concept - at the level of the leading solutions on the brand.Interestingly looks plastic insert located under the touch-sensitive buttons: when the light falls on it, it shimmers beautifully.

key buttons - "Back", "Home", as well as the one that causes the recent application, located at a great distance.This is convenient, since the probability of miss the desired option and use the other is minimal.It should be noted, many users accustomed smaller distance between the touch controls.

rear panel, as well as end members enclosure made of rubberized plastic, which is characterized by resistance to contamination.

On the left side of the device is a button adjust the sound level, as well as the power button device.It may be noted that the material of their manufacture is similar to the one that is involved in producing a marked plastic insert, slightly below the touch buttons.That is, the key in question may also be poured in the light beautifully.

Many users and experts in the field of mobile electronics say that how well assembled smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5".Responses indicate that elements of the body, there are no visible gaps and clearances, all parts are fixed very firmly.


Phone 'Asus Zenfon 5 "is equipped with 5-inch display that has a resolution of 720 to 1280, which corresponds to the standard HD.The phone screen is made of modern technology, IPS.The index dot density display - 294 ppi.Thus, the granularity of the screen is almost unnoticeable.

Display brightness is estimated by experts and users as quite sufficient.Viewing angles - great.Display comfortable to use even in the presence of glare.There oleophobic coating, whereby the surface of the screen is easy to clean.With the same comfort can be viewed on the screen of the smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5" photo, video, games, and run a variety of applications.

maximum brightness value of the display device - 315 cd / sq.However, the actual comfort of use handheld device depends on the brightness of the image.The index screen contrast ratio of 755: 1, it can be considered quite typical for the corresponding hardware component, which is made by technology, IPS.

screen smartphone, like the one that is installed in many other modern device, has a "multi-touch" handles and 5 simultaneous touches.

Members note the high clarity of the image on the screen, which has a smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5".Reviews lovers mobile gadgets include a very positive assessment of the quality of the display when you view the text in small print.It may be noted that, for lovers of reading in the smartphone has a special mode.When you activate it the white color becomes a bit yellowish, and the colors of other interface elements - softer.As a result, significantly reduces the load on the eye of the person who reads the e-book, using the phone "Asus Zenfon 5".Reviews devaysa owners include the very positive assessment of this option.

noteworthy that the phone can be used wearing gloves.Set up your smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5" in the activation of the corresponding option is very simple.You just need to enter the menu interface in which the display settings are set.However, the sensitivity of the sensor in the case of using the device with gloves significantly lower.But it is sufficient to answer the incoming call or read SMS.


The modifications phone intended for supply to the Russian market, installed a processor Atom Z2560, operates at a frequency of 1.6 GHz.It may seem that this characteristic chip looks modest compared to many competitive solutions.However, the practical results of tests conducted by experts and users show that device - extremely productive.Popular games and applications run quite correct, without any inhibitions.

«heavy» Game

Many users are able to use your smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5" (feedback regarding appropriate opportunities are also present among the experts) to run games and applications that are traditionally classified as "heavy" and demanding a powerful "iron" indevices.Not every device is characterized by a similar fiscal capacity.


next notable aspect in which we can study the "Asus Zenfon 5" - the characteristics of the camera.The corresponding hardware component, which is equipped with the device has a resolution of 8 MP.It may be noted that the brand manufacturer provides the owner of the smartphone device to enable convenient and functional software when using the camera.Thus, notable among modes corresponding program - "Time control" in which the device can make a series of 31 pictures at a set interval so that one could then choose the best shots.

users and experts appreciate the operation of the camera, which is equipped with a smart phone "Asus Zenfon 5".Reviews lovers mobile electronics indicate that the hardware component provides excellent image quality both in daylight and at night lighting.What other notable features have camera, which is equipped with a smart phone "Asus Zenfon 5"?Photos in the "macro", for example, are obtained by using devaysa just fine.The smartphone is also equipped with a second camera with a resolution of 2 MP.It can be used for "self" or communicate on Skype.


device is running Android OS version 4.3.Firmware "Asus Zenfon 5" with the firm.Members and experts note the corresponding interface usability and speed of operation of the control device.Firmware "Asus Zenfon 5" also has a stylish and modern design.

device interface allows quick access to any interested user options.In order to use the settings "Asus Zenfon 5" in the camera or communications will need to spend just a few seconds.Difficulties with the installation of third-party apps from the Google Play store and its analogs users virtually fixed.


Another important aspect in which we can explore the smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5" - characteristics of the device in terms of sound.The quality of the earpiece users special raises no objections.It interlocutor is heard perfectly.Functioning of headphones that are connected to the device via a standard connector 3.5 mm, as estimated by experts and users is quite positive.But not loud enough work, according to some experts, external speaker, located on the back of the device.Although, as noted, many enthusiasts mobile electronics corresponding hardware component smartphone used in practice, as a rule, not too often.


phone supports basic and advanced communication standards.Use in practice they are very simple.How to configure the "Asus Zenfon 5" of the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?Such questions almost no rise in the thematic online portals where fans interact mobile electronics.Similarly, there are no problems connecting the device to your computer via USB-cable.Immediately after devaysa connection and a PC via a cable of Windows detects smart "Asus Zenfon 5".Instructions which would disclose in detail the nuances of the respective engagement devaysa mode, users do not need.

Phone memory

devaysa RAM is 2 GB.This indicator is sufficient to run most modern programs tailored for the platform Android.The volume of the built-in flash memory of the smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5" - 16 GB.If necessary, it can be increased through additional modules microSD.Supports "hot" replacement card data memory, in which the need to turn off the device.


battery, which is equipped with a device, different non-removable type, its capacity is 2110 mAh.To many it may seem modest.However, in practice, users can achieve a more than decent results in terms of battery life.For video playback in high quality and at a maximum brightness level of resources phone battery "Asus Zenfon 5" (responses to many experts suggest similar results) is enough for about 4.5 hours.While reading device can work without charging about 9 hours.At an average rate of use of its device should last about a day.

But if necessary, we can always use one of the power saving modes that are implemented in the device.Thus, among the most effective - it decreases CPU speed.It is also possible to carry out the desired setting applications in order to increase battery life indicators.

use of two SIM-cards

smartphone "Asus zenfon 5" (user feedback indicates that the corresponding option is highly in demand) is supported directly 2 SIM-card.However, in the radio devayse only one.Therefore, if a man talking using a SIM-card, the latter temporarily losing functionality.People very much praise the management interface SIM-cards.So it is always possible to quickly select the one with which it is desirable to make calls to a particular number, for example, due to the fact that the current rate is adapted to the particular subscriber calling operator.


Phone 'Asus Zenfon 5 "(comments of many experts characterize it as such) has no direct competitors in its price segment.The device thus can be considered to some extent unique specimen for the Russian market.

With a smartphone owner is able to enjoy the benefits of HD-display, making great pictures and video, and that is very important to run "heavy" games and applications.At the same time the device is classified budget.