How to explain to a child what month?

How nice parents watch reincarnation of his daughters!From little clumsy little girls they become adolescents and beautiful girls.Growing up - a complex process that involves not only the metamorphosis, but also changes in the expectant woman.How to explain to a child what a month, right?It is important not only to submit the necessary information to the adolescent, but also take care of the psychological aspect of the question.

conversation on the souls

Before the conversation with her daughter every mother should know - that it is clear, can be a real mystery to her child.Therefore, it is important to submit information.Many girls do not know how to begin monthly, and this "incident" sometimes throws them in a real shock.Begin a conversation with their own history, details on how this happened to you.Explain the baby, it is a natural process that will testify about her growing up.Tell that when menstruation begins, the girl's body changes, it becomes more attractive and feminine.

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Emphasize that this process - it is not a disease, but rather confirmation of its women's health.If the child is shy to talk about it, do not force it, serve small portions of information.Try to interest the girl that will help understand how it will change, and in the future will be able to become a mother.And how to explain to a child that is monthly, if he refuses to talk about it?In this case, the best solution is to talk with those who are the daughter of the most trusted.My grandmother, sister and godmother could explain to her all the details.

Age frame

And when starting a difficult conversation?As a rule, begins menstruating girls from 9 to 15 years.However, this is not the law.It is best to tell all the details of the child before puberty, at 8 years old daughter is already able to understand you.Even if it is not all learned, upon the occurrence of the monthly child at least is not afraid.Reassure your baby that to be ashamed of absolutely nothing, and you should definitely tell my mom about this event.Tell that this process is absolutely all girls and women in a certain period of life.We should not draw attention when it should occur monthly, because the child may feel that the absence of menstruation until a certain age - it is a disease.But the mother herself should control when to begin the selection.If they are too early (up to 8 years) or, alternatively, delayed up to 17 years should consult a doctor for advice.After all, such changes may indicate a hormonal failure in the body.

Information for parents

Note that if your daughter there is a deficiency or excess weight, long periods can not attack.In this case, you must show the child's doctor.Usually, since the formation of the chest and up to the onset of menstruation takes about two years.Do not worry if the girl has started menstruating but irregular, and the shift is from 10 to 14 days.The normal cycle is established within 1.5-2 years.But you should pay attention, if the delay is more than 3 months.

PMS - Tell him about the girl

tell his daughter that menstruation means how it happens.Emphasize that it is a natural process.Once the child understands what to expect, he may ask about pain.And in this issue you need to prepare very delicate girl.It is not necessary to say that it is very painful, and so will every month.Try to explain that all the processes occurring in the body, individual.Perhaps she was pain in general will not.It is better to tell us more about the premenstrual period.Weakness, irritability, increased appetite, fatigue - symptoms of which she can feel before menstruation.Explain that this will soon pass.Focus on the fact that during menstruation prohibited overwork, both physically and emotionally, otherwise the cycle can go astray.


How to explain to a child what month, what is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene?First of all tell us that such days occur once a month and do not last long - about 3 to 7 days.During this period it is very important to keep clean and to wash regularly to avoid the risk of infections.Teach your little girl that hot water increases blood flow, so a bath in this period it is better not to accept and use the shower.Water procedures need to be sure to spend the morning and evening.But in the early days you need to wash every 3-5 hours, depending on the intensity of emissions.This hygiene should be replaced with new ones.

The use

During monthly girl should know what hygiene is necessary to use.You can buy a pre-laying and tell you how to use them, they will help it to maintain freshness and cleanliness throughout the day.Explain that in this period they must carry a reserve.But the young ladies use tampons is not recommended.Tell us what is preferable to wear at a time: it is necessary to abandon the bright clothes and outfits that fits closely to the body.


Tell girl that normal menstruation is very important for her health, so it must comply with certain rules in the critical days:

  • Avoid stress and overwork.
  • Stop playing sports.
  • can not stick to a diet and fasting - such an event may cause a malfunction of menstruation and lead to hormonal imbalance.
  • Do not swim in open water.High risk of catching an infection.

changes in the body

Now you know how to explain to a child that is monthly.But such talk will be an excellent occasion to tell the girl that now she is able to become pregnant and give birth.Even if your daughter has not yet sexually active, even if it has the necessary information.Please note that it is now in the body matures the egg that can be fertilized during sexual intercourse, then became pregnant.It is not necessary, of course, to intimidate the child, it is better to tell you how to protect themselves, what tools to use.Note that early pregnancy is undesirable and can adversely affect the body of a young mother.

Do not forget to tell you about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases through unprotected sex, especially during menstruation.You can prepare a special literature, with which the child learn more about the information he or podyschu site with actual problems for adolescents.


Dear parents, remember: despite the fact that your little girl grows up, so many things scare her and remain unclear.Therefore, it is important to tell the child about the processes that are taking place in his body.Try to win the trust of the girls, and then you will be able to support her in this difficult moment.