How to become beautiful in 14 years?

How to become an attractive and beautiful?This question excites each of the fair sex, regardless of her age.But very often the answer is looking for teenage girls.During puberty young ladies think that they do not look as good as their girlfriends peers.Such systems often give rise to psychological trauma in girls.In fact, the beauty - the concept is quite subjective.And the ancient wisdom that ugly people do not happen - it is the real truth.And if she does not have the parameters 90h60h90, it does not mean that she is ugly.All girls who are concerned about how to be beautiful in 14 years, is dedicated to this article.Here, young readers will find information on how to recognize his true "I," as seen in itself all the beauty that the inherent nature from birth, how to learn to emphasize their individuality.

Whether by itself!

Many girls watching in glossy magazines on show business representatives, believe that it is those are the standards and ideals of beauty.This view is erroneous.Nature is no accident creates every human individual, not like the others.No need to strive to look like a famous model and actress, do not copy them.In your own individual beauty lies.Strive to be herself.And to your inner attraction opened, you need to learn to love yourself.Look at yourself in the mirror.You have freckles?This is not a defect, but a real advantage of your appearance.Sun spots on the face look cute and gentle.Curly hair?It is also nice.Many even dream about to enjoy the lush curly hair.Well, if you sometimes want to have straight hair, but today is not a problem.There are many tools to align curls.How to become a beautiful girl, whose short stature?Well, firstly, it is not a disadvantage.Miniature ladies enjoy the same popularity as high.Many representatives of the stronger sex want to see next to a small and fragile girl.If we really want to be higher, there you will come to the aid of platform shoes or heels.

As you can see, all that you consider to be your shortcomings, in fact - the real dignity.Look at you from the other side.And to you, young lady, to add even more confidence in yourself, present you with a few tips.From them you will learn how to become a very beautiful girl.Tips provided below will tell you what to do to look attractive and charming.

Be sociable and confident!

agree that no sympathy is not a girl who is closed and unfriendly.And let it be perfect hair and makeup, stylish outfit, to communicate with such a person will be very unpleasant.How to become beautiful in 14 years?First of all, learn how to hold a conversation and clearly answer questions.And it needs to possess comprehensive knowledge, which can be obtained not only from the curriculum, but through self-education.

Be beautiful soul!

cursing and jealousy - these are the qualities that have never decorated man.Try to eliminate them from his heart.Try everything and all to see the good and positive.Your beauty, both internal and external, will emphasize such qualities as kindness, friendliness and sincerity.

care of your body!

to look attractive, it is important to take care of his body.And it's not just respect for the basic rules of hygiene.On the beauty of the body and affects many other factors.How to become beautiful and well-groomed girl-teenager?The answer to this question below.

  • Healthy sleep.Complete rest helps to maintain the body in good shape.Regular sleep deprivation lead to the appearance of wrinkles, a deterioration of the skin, weakness of the whole body and as a result, poor appearance.
  • no bad habits!Smoking, drug use, alcohol consumption - are the first enemies of beauty and health.They affect all organs and systems.Dull and brittle hair, exfoliating nails, dark teeth, bad breath - these are the first signs of a smoker or a drinker.The spectacle is not pleasant.True?Beautiful a girl well, did not name.
  • Nutrition.Thinking about how to become beautiful in 14 years, look at the menu.House parents try to feed you a useful and satisfying meal.And at school?Many of you are coming to the canteen during recess, prefer porridge and salad crackers, chips and chocolate bars.These products are composed of many preservatives, flavoring agents and stimulants which adversely affect health.Eat what benefit: fruit, vegetables, cereals and meat.The use of these products allows you to keep your body healthy and beautiful.
  • Sports - the key to health and beauty!An active lifestyle helps to ensure that your body will look fit and slim.Prefer walks, exercising outdoors.Believe me, lying on the couch with headphones in their ears and tablet in hand, you do not become more beautiful.And if your family is not enough money to make you do in the clubs - it does not matter.Morning exercises, jogging, exercises on simulators yard - this is a very good alternative to fee-paying sports clubs.
  • hygienically.How to become beautiful in 14 years?Elementary.Observance of simple rules to care for themselves will help you look attractive.Always clean hair, nails, skin, hair and manicure neat, pleasant scent of the body - that's what makes every girl is beautiful.

meet on clothes!

choosing their own style of clothing, do not try to keep up with fashion.Wear what feel comfortable.Clothing should emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide flaws, if any.If the selection of clothing causes you difficulty, ask for help from his mother or older sister.They are just not bad advice.However, you can choose a wardrobe that will help to create a beautiful image.

make-up: beware!

How to become an attractive and beautiful?Many adolescent girls believe that the make-up - this is what makes them attractive.Bright lipstick on her lips, a thick layer of rouge on the cheeks, following from the shadows and mascara around the eyes - is this beauty?Young healthy skin is tender and blush.No cosmetics can decorate it more.If, however you use it, try to do it within the normal range.Make-up girl should be easy and discreet.The excess cosmetics can lead to the fact that you will look older.All means must be suitable for your skin type.With their choice of consultants can help you in stores cosmetics.