Home rainbow and fireworks - light tale for your children

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Many children do not like darkness, but love to look at the rainbow, fireworks or fireworks.Sometimes these magical spectacle quite fascinating child, ready to admire them as long as possible.

We offer you two ways of using modern gadgets "settle" in a child's room bright rainbow or arrange a wonderful fireworks display, safe for your home and attractive for your children.

new projector Uncle Milton will help you "invite guests" a rainbow, without waiting for its appearance in the sky.The device is designed for children over 3 years old and works on 4 batteries or mains, with a special adapter AC adapter.

Suffice it to wave your hand over the built-in sensor, and the projector is turned on - it will create a multi-colored rainbow on the wall or ceiling of a child's room.The operation principle is simple: at the top of the bulb LED technology direct its light on a mirror at the bottom, from which projected a rainbow.

To projector function properly, no special conditions, including, not needed and sunlight, the cost of the device a little more than 20 dollars.The best way to create such a wonderful rainbow in a darkened room on a white wall.

Young lovers feyeverkov salutes and modern technology offer another gadget - Projector Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector.Such lighting fireworks is much safer and cheaper than the big shows in the open air, with firecrackers and other flammable materials.

device for the production of virtual fireworks resembles a small planetarium and even produces characteristic sounds that accompany such a spectacle.

projector is equipped with not only the speakers but also six lenses, and nine modes, change the picture of the fireworks of your choice.Thus, the fireworks will explode on the walls and ceiling of the room as the bright colors of different shapes and sculpted figures, and even slogans like declarations of love, or congratulations on his birthday.

Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector runs on batteries and is worth about $ 130.You are free to program the duration and nature of the suits for children "light show".Such an instrument would make any child's party a memorable and turn the evening into a fairy tale home for your child.

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Photo source: coolest-gadgets.com, iwantoneofthose.com, firebox.com